My Florida Roots

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Charity Ann Wright
Born abt.1843 NC
Died: Jan.13,1924 Gates, NC, (near Highpoint, Guilford,NC. )-- buried:Oakwood Cem.High Point, NC.- source: Death Cert.
She was the daughter of Hiram Wright and Sarah Bowden
Married: Edward Robert Newell on Dec.22,1863 in Cumberland Co, NC
(source: Copy of marriage bond and marriage certificate.)
Children of Edward Robert Newell and Charity Ann (Wright ) Newell
1.Ashford Newell,  
  Born:3,1868, Lumberton County, NC
  Died:d .May 26,1944 High Point, Guilford County, NC. at age 76 -   buried: St. Matthews Church Cem. near Bishopville, SC.,,  J.W. Sechrest & Son Funeral Home in High Point NC.was in charge Occupation: Photographer - Retired. 
Married:#1.Eudora E.Reynolds on Sept.16,1888 -- she was b.Nov.25,1870 SC & d. Sept.18,1924 High Point, Guilford County,NC-Married #2. Nannie Hiatt in 1926

2.Bryant Newell
  Born: July 23,1873 Seattle, Washington
  Died: April 6,1959 Fort Myers, Lee co, Fl . age 82
  Buried: Fort Myers Cem. Fort Myers, Lee Co, FL.
  Source- copy death certificate
  Occupation: Contractor & builder
  Fought in Spanish American War-
  Married: Daidie Byard on Oct.13,1898 in Chattanooga, TN..
  Daidie was b.July 13,1882 Haley Station, TN.-- d. Oct.12,1953 Fort
  Myers,Lee Co,Fl-- Father,Robert M. Byard- Mother, Jolly_____ ?      
  Children:1 Ashford Newell
                 2.Robert Newell
                 3.Dock Newell
                 4.Bryant Newell Jr, born:1899-Died: 1970
                   Married: Nettie Williams on Oct.22,1918

Charity Newell
  Born: April11,1875 Texas (this is birthdate listed on death certificate.)
  Died: Feb.4,1962 in Fort Myers, Lee Co, FL.
  Married: Albert Benjamin Addison on June 13, 1894 in Lee Co, FL.Children of Albert & Charity listed under Addison
.Hyram Newell
  Born: ( death cert. says Sept.16,1878 Texas )
  Died: Feb.4,1970 Avon Park, Highlands, Fl.- Hillcrest Nursing Home
  Permenant Home address was Fort Myers, Lee Co, FL.
  Buried: Marco Cemetery, Marco Island, FL.on Feb 9, 1970
  Source- copy of death certificate
  Occupation- fishing guide
  Married: Abbie Weese on Aug.6,1908 in Lee co, Fl.
  Recorded Marriage Book 2, pg.203  ( No children)
5.Dorinda Newell
  Born: May 25, 1877 Texas
  Died: Dec.18,1925 Lee co, Fl. district #2501-Precinct 25107
  Buried: Fort Myers Cem. Lee co, FL.
  Source. copy of death certificate.
  Married1 Richard Sawyer"Uncle Dick Sawyer"Sept.9,1896 Lee Co, FL.
  Recorded Book 2,pg.34 
  Married:2.Ed. Daniels
Hiram Wright was born Dec.13,1813  Chatham, N.C. (or Cumberland County, NC.)
He was the son of  James Wright & Dolly Southerland Bowden
Died: May 27,1907 Moss Neck,Pembroke, Robeson County, NC.
Buried: McNeill Cem, Moss Neck, near Pembroke, County, NC.-(inscribed on tombstone: H.H.Wright)
Occupation: Cooper
Married: Sarah Bowden abt.May 13,1842 ( date)Cumberland County,NC
Born: Harnet County, NC.
Daughter of Major Bowden.

Children of Hiram Wright & Sarah Bowden---

1.Charity Ann Wright
 born: Abt.1843 NC
 Died:  Jan.13,1924 Gates, High Point,Guilford,  NC. ( source:copy of death cert. - gives son Ashford Newell as the informant.) - buried: Oakwood Cem.High Point, NC.
 Married: Edward Robert Newell on Dec.22,1863 in Cumberland Co, NC.
 Source: Copies of Marriage bond and Marriage Certificate.)
2.Jane Wright
 Born: abt 1844 NC.died(?)-- Married George Ely in 1865 in Fayettville, NC.
3.James Wright
   Born:abt.1848 NC
4.Mary Catherine "Kate" Wright
   Born: abt. 1850 NC, - Married: Frank Harries in NC.
5.Nathan Wright
   Born: abt. 1851 Nc
6.Sarah Wright
   Born: Oct.6,1846 Harnet Co, NC.
   Died: June 7,1915- buried McNeill Cemetry, near Moss Neck, Pembroke, Robison County, NC.(inscribed on tombstone: "A light in our household is gone, the person we love is stilled; A place is vacant in our hearts that can never be filled."
Married: David Fields in 1865 Fayetteville, Cumberland County, NC.. He was b.Oct.2,1842 Pennsylvania., d. April 14,1917 East Laurenburg, NC. --Buried: McNeill Cem. Pembroke, NC. ( inscription on tombstone reads: "Father we will miss you though we know you are with God.",            Children: #1.Hiram Gary Fields, b.March 27,1882 Moss Neck, Pembroke, NC.- d.July 14,1956 Red Springs, Robeson, NC.- Married Elizabeth ___(?).
( Resided in Robeson County, NC.-  Occupation: Farmers)
 7.Charlotte Wright?
James Wright 2
Born: 1817/1818 NC
Died: NC
He was the son of James Wright & Charity Beck
Married: Dolly Southerland  Bowden 
Daughter of ( ?)
Children of James Wright & Dolly Southerland Bowden
1.Hiram Wright
   Born: Dec.13,1813 Chatham, Cumberland Co, N.C.
   Died: May 27,1907 Moss Neck, Pembroke, Robeson Co, NC.
   Buried: McNeill Cem., Moss Neck, Roberson County, NC.
   Note: Hiram Wright married 3 times. He married sisters, daughters of Major Bowden )
   Married:1 Sarah Bowden on May 13,1842 Cumberland Co, NC.---
                 Bond date: May 13, 1842, Cumberland County, NC.
                 Daughter of Major Bowden
               2.Elizabeth Bowden on ______? Bond date Feb.5,1850, Cumberland, NC.- .
               3.Nancy Ann Bowden on ______? Bond date Oct.29,1863 Cumberlland, NC -
James Wright,
Born: abt.1755 Duplin County, NC
Died: abt.1830/40 
Buried :(?)
son of John Wright & Ann James.
Married: Charity Beck on May 21, 1778  NC ( Duplin Co. ?)
Born: 1761 Duplin, NC
Died: abt. Dec.5,1829 Duplin Co, NC. age 68
Daughter of ___________________Beck? and 
Elizabeth ( Whitefield) Beck
Children of James Wright & Charity Beck.

1 Isaac Wright, 
  Born: abt. 1780 NC
  Died: 1865 NC
  Note: Resided in Bladen, NC.)
  Married:!. Elizabeth Moorehead abt 1803
  Married:2. Jane Gallespie  abt. 1809
2.William Wright, b.1780 Duplin County, NC.- d.1839
3.Bryant Wright,b1787 Duplin,NC- d,Sept.30,1845 Cumberland,,NC.
4.Charity Wright, b.Jan.2,1791 Cumberland, NC.- d.May 1,1873 Cumberland, NC.
5.Ann Wright,b.1794 Duplin, NC.
6.John Beck Wright,b.Jan15,1799 Duplin,NC- d.Jan13,1831 Duplin, NC
7.James Wright
   Born: 1817/1818 NC
   Died: NC
   Married: Dolly Southerland 
Capt.John Wright 3rd
Born: Dec 25,1732 Prince William, Va. (or Prince George Co, Maryland)
Died:Oct.31, 1789 Surry, NC.
Married: Ann James (Williams)  b. 1735 Va. -Oct.30,1825 Surry, NC
Children:# 1.James Wright 1755 - 1840 -#2.Francis Wright 1752 -1774 daughter- #3.Elizabeth Wright, b.btw.1754 & 1780.-- #4.Nancy Wright,b.btw.1754 & 1780 --# 5.Thomas Wright, b.btw. 1754 & 1780

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6. John Wright 2nd, b.1707 Westmorland, Va. -- d. Feb.27,1792 Hamilton Parrish, Va.- Married : Elizabeth B.Darnell b.1714 Westmorland, Va. - 1785 Hamilton Parrish, Va.

Children: #1.John Wright 3rd.b..Dec 25,1732 Prince Williams, Va. - 1789 - #2.Mary Wright, b.1736 Va. -  #3.Rosamond Wright,b.1735 Va. - #4.Frances Wright,b.1742 Prince William, Va. - #5. William Wright,b.Nov.1740.York County, Va. --#6.Elizabeth Wright ,b.1734  - # 7.James Wright,b.1742

7. John Wright, b.Feb.25,1685 Westmorland, Va. - d.1730 Leesylvania, Prince Williams, Va. -- -Married: Dorothy Aubrey, b.1685 Prince Williams, Va. -d.1739 Prince Williams, Va.

Children: #1.John Wright 2nd, b.1707 Westmorland, Va. -d.1792 --#2.William Wright, b.1710 Westmorland, Va. --#3. Francis Wright,b.1705 Westmorland, Va.

8. Francis Wright, b.1660 Northumberland, Va.- d.1713 Westmorland, Va.- Married: Annie Washington, b.1659 Westmorland, Va.- d.1697 Westmorland, Va.

Children: 1.John Wright 1685- 1730

9. Richard Wittington Wright, b.1633 London, Middlesex, Eng.-  d.Dec.10,1663 Northumberland, Va. -- Married: Anne Mottrom, b. 1639 chester, Eng. - d. 1707 Westmorland, Va.

Children: # 1 Francis Wright 1660 Coan,Northumberland, Va. - d.1713--#2.Mottrom Wright, b.1658 Va.--#3.Ann Mottrom Wright, b.1662 Va.

10. Francis Wright 3, b.1601 Yorkshire, Eng.- d.1655 Yorkshire, Eng.-- Married: Anne Merriton, b.1605 Yorkshire, Eng.-- d.1670 Yorkshire, Eng.

Children:# 1.Richard Wittington Wright 1633 Eng. - 1663 --#2.George Merriton Wright, b.1627 -  #3.Thomas Wright, b.btw.1622 & 1647 -  #4.William Wright, b.btw. 1622 & 1648

11.Francis Wright, b.1563 Yorkshire, Eng. - d. 1651 Yorkshire, Va.- Married: Grace Beckwith, 1576 Eng. - d. 1665 Yorkshire, Eng.

Children: 1.Francis wright 1601 -1655

12. Francis Wright, b.1547 Sowerby, Yorkshire, Eng. - 1623 Sowerby, Yorkshire, Eng.-- Married: Anne Markham, b.1554 - d. 1618 Sowerby, Yorkshire, Eng.

Children: 1.Francis Wright 1563- 1651

13.William Wright, b.1523 Yorkshire, Eng.--d. 1621 Holdeness, Yorkshire, Eng. -- Married: Ann thorton, b.1530 - d. 1618 Yorkshire, Eng.

Children: 1.Francis Wright 1547 - 1623

14. Robert Wright, b.1501 Yorkshire, Eng.-- d.1594 Yorkshire, Eng.-- Married: Anne Grimston, b.1506- d.1526 Yorkshire, Eng.

Children: 1.William Wright, 1523- 1621

15.John Wright, b.1476 Yorkshire, Eng. - d.1540 Yorkshire, Eng.-  Married: Alice Ryther 1475 -1547 Yorkshire, Eng.

Children: 1.Robert Wright 1501 - 1594


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The Will of James Wright, the Planter

The Will of James Wright, 1839

From Duplin County Wills, 1730-1860 by William Murphy

24 October 1839 - April Term 1840

Wife Kitty, sum of nineteen hundred and ninety nine dollars; sons Isaac and William in special trust

for my grandchildren the sons of John B. deceased viz John Beck, James Munroe, Isaac and William

minors all my real estate in Duplin County; grandsons John & James the sons of BRYAN my real

Estate in Cumberland & Bladen on the North West river now in possession of my son BRYAN;

Negroes including Fanny and her children now in possession of Alexander McAllester divided into six

equal parts or shares with Rose and her children thrown into the Lot for the use of my son BRYAN and

Fanny and her children thrown into the Lot for the use of Ann McAllister, one sixt part to my son

Isaac, one sixth to son William, one sixth to Isaac and William in special trust for my son BRYAN and

his Children, one sixth to Isaac and William in special trust for my dau Chelly Murphy and her

children, one sixth to Isaac and William in special trust for my dau Ann McAllister and her children,

one sixth to Isaac and William in special trust for my grandchildren the sons of my deceased son John

B. And none of the slaves given in trust are to be Sold but if deemed advisable by my sons Isaac and

William, they may put the negroes thus divideed into the possession of my son BRYAN and sons in

law John Murphy and Alexander McAllister as they live at a distance; dau Ann McAllister Three

hundred dollars for her sole and separate use; dau Chelly Murphy one thousand dollars, one Bed and

furniture; dau Ann McAllister one bed and furniture; should my son in law John Murphy bring any suit

against my Executor then Isaac and William are not only to with hold the one thousand dollars but

apply the proceeds of all the slaves bequeathed to his wife and children to defray any expense or

trouble which may arise therefrom.

Extrs: sons Isaac and William

Signed: James Wright

Codicil: 24 Oct 1839, 11 Nov 1839

Negroe John Mirric should be added to the list of Slaves for the use of the sons of my deceased son

John B; sons Isaac and William to use all my real estate in Duplin County both the lands on which I

reside and where Agathy Wright resides and all adjoining and detached tracts to supporting grandsons,

the sons of my deceased son doctor John B. and to divide the same where they deem it necessary; sons

Isaac and William to use all of my real estate in Cumberland County and Bladen County on the North

West River and Wallis's Creek to supporting my son BRYAN and his sons John and James and to

divide the same where they deem it necessary.

Wit: John S. Hill, Daniel Bowden, Henry Bowden

Signed: James Wright





Captain John Wright - US Continental Army

Wright, John.Captain, Col. Sheppard's regt.; Continental Army pay accounts for service from Jan. 1, 1777, to Dec. 31, 1779; reported as serving 26 mos. 20 days as Lieutenant, 9 mos. 10 days as Captain; also, letter dated Camp Valley Forge, May 1, 1778, signed by said Wright, Lieutenant, and other officers of Col. William Shepard's regt., requesting that application be made to the President of the Board of War for clothing granted them by resolve of March 13, 1778; also, 1st Lieutenant, in command of (late) Capt. Caleb Keep's co., Col. William Shepard's (3d) regt.; muster roll for July and Aug., 1778; appointed Jan. 1, 1777; also, same co. and regt.; muster rolls for Oct. and Nov., 1778, dated Providence; also, Captain, 9th co., Col. Shepard's regt.; muster roll of field, staff, and commissioned officers for March and April, 1779, dated Providence; appointed March 20, 1779; reported on command at the Western shore (also given North Kingston); also, same regt.; return of officers for clothing, dated Salem, Aug. 28, 1779; also, Captain, 4th Mass. regt.; list of settlements of rank of Continental officers, dated West Point, made by a Board held for [p.938] the purpose and confirmed by Congress Sept. 6, 1779; commissioned March 20, 1779; also, same regt.; Continental Army pay accounts for service from Jan. 1, 1780, to April 14, 1780; reported resigned. Wright, John.Petition dated Salem, Dec. 15, 1780, signed by Bartholomew Putnam, of Salem, asking that Francis Boardman be commissioned as commander of the ship “Thomas” (privateer); advised in Council Dec. 15, 1780, that said Boardman be commissioned; said Wright appears in a descriptive list of officers and crew of the ship “Thomas,” which accompanies petition; age, 23 yrs.; stature, 5 ft. 6 in.; complexion, light. Wright, John.Private, Capt. John Pray's co., Col. Joseph Vose's (1st) regt.; muster roll for Jan., 1781, dated West Point; enlisted July 30 (also given July 13), 1780; enlistment, 9 months; also, muster rolls for Feb., March, and April, 1781; reported discharged April 30, 1781. Wright, John.Private, Capt. James Gregg's co., Col. Goose Van Schaick's (1st New York) regt.; muster rolls for Jan.-April, 1781, dated West Point; enlistment, during war. Wright, John.Mate, State ship “Tartar,” commanded by Capt. John Cathcart; engaged May 10, 1782; discharged Nov. 21, 1782; service, 6 mos. 11 days. Roll sworn to at Boston. Wright, John.Receipt dated May 14, 1783, signed by said Wright, for wages for service to May 10, 1783, on board the frigate “Hague,” commanded by Capt. John Manley. Wright, Jonas, Westford.Capt. Joel Fletcher's co., Col. Ephraim Doolittle's regt.; receipt for advance pay, signed by said Wright and others, dated Camp near Charlestown Road, June 8, 1775; also, Private, same co. and regt.; muster roll dated Aug. 1, 1775; enlisted May 2, 1775; service, 3 mos. 7 days; also, company return dated Camp at Winter Hill, Charlestown, Oct. 6, 1775. Wright, Jonas.Capt. Joshua Parker's co., Col. Robinson's regt.; enlisted Sept. 15, 1777; service to Jan. 1, 1778, at Rhode Island. Wright, Jonas.Private, Capt. Lawson Buckminster's co., in a regiment commanded by Lieut. Col. Samuel Peirce; entered service May 17, 1779; discharged July 1, 1779; service, 1 mo. 18 days, including travel (72 miles) home; company ordered to serve at Tiverton, R. I., until July 1, 1779. Wright, Jonas.Lists of men appearing under the heading “Hartwell Brook the first Everidge;” the name of said Wright appears under the heading “Resolve of Sep 1779;” also, Private, Capt. Samuel Heald's co., Col. John Jacobs's (Light Infantry) regt.; entered service Sept. 15, 1779; discharged Nov. 15, 1779; service, 2 mos. 4 days (also given 2 mos.), at Rhode Island, including travel (80 miles) home.