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Nathan Knight Williams was Born April 14, 1839 in Columbia County, FL
He was the son of
Rowland Williams & Nancy Annie ( Sweat) Williams.
Died: June 7, 1934 in Fort Myers, Lee county, Fl.
Buried:  Fort Ogden Cemetery, Desoto Co, FL.
Nathan married:
#1. Susan Tyson ( Tison ?) on May 12, 1866 in Manatee , FL
2. Celia Sarah Durrance on Sept.3, 1869 in Orlando, Orange
      County, Fl.
      NOTE: Celia Durrance was born Nov.19,1853 in Fort
Meade, Fl.  Died: Nov.6, 1921 in Alva, FL. Lee Co.

Children of Nathan K. Williams & Celia ( Durrance ) Williams

1.James Edward Williams
   Born: Nov.7,1870 in Orlando, FL.
   Died: 1946 in Fort Myers, Lee Co, FL.
   Married: Ellen Goldie Yeomans on Feb.21, 1898 in Lee co, FL.
   Children 1.Lillian Raye Williams, B. Aug.31,1899 in FL.
                2.Reginald Williams, born ?
                3.James E. Williams, born Nov.10,1905 in FL.
                4.Pearcy Dean Williams, born Feb.23,1908 in Fl.
                5.Russell C. Williams, born Sept.29, 1910 in FL.
                6. Bard H. Williams, born Sept.19, 1914
2.Caroline " Carrie" Williams
   Born: Dec.1,1872 in Orlando, Fl.
   Died: June 5, 1934 Fort Myers, FL.
   Married: Stephen Sloan on Nov. 10, 1889 in Desoto Co, FL.
   Children 1. Gertrude Sloan
                2. Katie Sloan
                3. Orville Sloan
                4. Leroy Sloan
3.John Rowland Williams
   Born;Jan.1876 in Orlando, Fl.
   Died:1933 Avon Park, FL.
   Married: Laura Sikes
   Children:1.Oscar Williams
Sarah Floyd Williams
Born: July 8,1879 in Bowling Green, Fl.
   Died: Nov.1946 in Fort Myers, Lee Co, Fl.
Henry Washington "Bud"Daughtrey
  Children  1 William Henry Daughtrey,b.10/8/1902 in Fort Ogden, FL.
                2.Beatrice Daughtrey, born 7-3-1904 in Fort Ogden, FL.
                3.Ruby Daughtrey, born 7-8-1906 in Fort Ogden, FL
                   Died: 1908 in Fort Ogden, Fl
                   Buried: Fort Ogden Cem. Desoto Co, Fl.
                4.Ethel May Daughtrey, born 5-28-1909 in Fort Ogden, Fl.
                   Married: Obie Albritton
Lessie Lee Daughtrey,b 2//3/1911 Fort Ogden,Desoto Co
                   Died: Sept 1992 in Cleveland, Ohio 
George Addison
George was son of Albert Benjamin Addison
                   & Charity (Newell) Addison of Marco, Fl.

    6.Arthur Daughtrey, born 10-28-1916 Fort Ogden, FL.
                   Died: 5-15-1978 Naples, FL
                7.Charles Fletcher Daughtrey, b 10-4-1918 in fort Ogden, FL
                   Died: 1992/93 in Cleveland, Ohio
                   Married: ( Never married)
                8.Celia Rebecca Daughtrey, b 7-22-1922 Fort Ogden, FL
5.Bertha Mae Williams
   Born: Dec.28,1881 in Bowling Green, FL
   Died: May 29, 1967 in Fort Myers, Fl. Lee co.
   Buried: Fort Myers Cemetery, on Michigan Ave.
   Married:Edgar Tippins on 4-17-1898 in Fort Ogden, Desoto co, FL.
   Children  1 Mabel Tippins, born 1898 in FL.
                 2.Edward tippins, born 9-13-1900
                    Died: 8-20-1920 FL.
                 3.Neal Tippins, born:1903 in FL.
                 4.Leola Tippins, born 1905 FL.
                 5.Horace Tippins, born 1908 FL
                    Died:1975 FL.
                 6.Gladys Tippins, born 1910 FL.
                 7.Howard Tippins, born 1911 Fl.
                 8.Leon Tippins, born 1921 Fl.
 6.Lessie Blanch Williams
   Born:Jan.1886 in Bowling green, Fl.
   Died: 1921 in Fort Ogden, Desoto Co, FL.
   Married: Lee Drawdy  in FL
   Children: Laurie Drawdy
 7 Joseph Leon Williams
   Born: Aug.28,1888 in Bowling Green, FL.
   Died: Feb.1,1974 in Fort Myers, Lee county, FL.
   Married: Carrie Mae Dyches on June 5, 1923 Fort Myers, Lee co, FL.
   Children:1.Joseph Leon Williams jr.
8.Effie Lena Williams
   Born: Sept.13,1891 in Venus, FL.
   Died: Oct.18, 1973 in Huntington Beach, Calif.
   Married: Fred M. Lanier on Jan.25,1914
   Children 1.Hosea Parker Lanier, born Nov.10,1914 Fort Ogden, FL
                  Died: April 17, 1931 in Fort Myers, Lee county, Fl.
                2 Ferris Lanier,b Sept.17,1916 in Fort Ogden, Desoto County, Fl.
                3.Edith Hazel Lanier, born Oct.1,1922 Fort Myers, Fl. 
                4 Betty Jean Lanier, Feb.28,1931 Fort Myers, Lee county, FL.
                  Married:Gerald Metz on March 27,1953
                  Children: 1.Living
 9.Eva Candace Williams
   Born:Sept.21,1895 in Arcadia, FL.
   Died: 1987 in wildwood, FL.
   Married: Ottis Glisson in 1914 in FL.
   Children:1. Althea N.Glisson, born 1914 in Fort Ogden, Desoto co, FL.
                 2.Ottis N. Glisson jr., born May 3, 1916 in FLorida.
Rowland Williams was born Feb.16,1812 in Bryan, Ga. 
He was the son of Rowland ( or Roland) Williams & Jean " Jincy" Banks.
Died: April 2,1867 in Desoto County, Fl.
Buried: Brownsville, Manatee co, FL.
Nancy "Annie" Sweat on April 10, 1839 in Columbia Co, FL.
Born: May 13,1822 in Tatnall, Ga
Died:April 12, 1908 in FL.

Children of Rowland Williams & Nancy "Annie" Sweat:

1.Mary Ann Williams, born March 1842/1844 Columbia co, FL.
   Buried: Joshua Creek Cem. Desoto Co, Fl.
   Married: James Mathis in 1857 in Columbia co, FL-- Divorced 1860 in
   Columbia co, FL.
2.John Anderson Williams, born April 10, 1840 in Columbia, Fl.
   Died: Sept.14,1906 in Volusia Co, FL.
(Civil War Vet)
   Buried: Fort Ogden Cem, Desoto Co, FL
   Married: Mary Ann " Mollie" Williams Williams
3.James W. Williams, born 1843 Columbia, Fl.
   Died: Dec.14,1875 in Orange Co, Fl.
   Married: Clementine Durrance on Oct.18, 1865 in Polk Co, Fl.
Nathanial Knight "Nathan" Williamsb.April 14,1839 Columbia Co.FL.
   Died: June 7, 1934 in Fort Myers, Lee co, Fl.(
Civil War Vet )
Celia Durrance
5.Simeon Banks Williams, Born Aug.22,1845 in Columbia, Fl.
   Died: April 15,1933 ( Civil War Vet)
   Buried: New Hope Cem. in Zolfo Springs, Fl.
   Married Narcissa Clementine Wingate Williams
6.George W Williams, born June 9, 1847 in Columbia, Fl. ( ? )
   Married: Sarah Ann Gaskin
7.Martha A. Williams, born abt. 1846/1847 in Columbia, Fl.  (?)
   Married: John Tison on Oct.1, 1866 in Fort Ogden, Desoto Co, FL.
8.Sarah " Sally" Jane Williams, born Feb.14 ,1852 in Columbia co, FL.
   Buried: Fort Ogden Cem. Desoto co, FL.
   Married: James W. Mathis  on April 10, 1867 in Fl.
9.Ida Williams, born 1853/1854 in Columbia , Fl.- Died young.
10 Jasper Williams, born 1856 Columbia , FL.- Died Young
11.Andrew Jackson Williams, born abt Aug.10, 1846 in FL.
   Died: 1928 in Fort Myers, Lee Co, FL.( Civil War Vet)
   Buried: Alva Cemetery
   Married: Georgia Ann Cautheran
12.William Williams,, born abt.1860 - Died young
13.Rebecca Ellen Williams born Nov.28,1860 in Columbia , Fl.
   Died: Sept.14,1910
   Buried: Fort Ogden Cem. Desoto Co, Fl.
John Daughtrey on Oct.7, 1876 in Manatee Co, FL.
14.Thomas Williams, born March 2, 1864  in Columbia, Fl.
   Died: 1957 in FL.
   Married: Sophonia Amanda Dawdy on Dec.26, 1884 in Fl.
15.Memphis Meridian Williams, born Nov.13,1865 Columbia, Fl.
   Died: 1958
   Married: Griffin Smith


Roland Williams, Born 1785 in Effingham County, Ga.
Died: Dec.30, 1813 in Bryan County, Ga.
Married: Jincey " Jane" Banks in Bulloch Co, Ga. on Oct 19, 1802.
Children of Roland Williams & Jincey Banks:
1.Elizabeth Williams
2.Sampson Williams
3.James Williams
Rowland Williams
   Born:Feb.6, 1812 in Bryan County, Ga.
   Died: April 2, 1867 in Brownsville, Manatee co, FL.
Nancy "Annie"Sweat in Columbia Co, FL. abt 1839


Samuel Williams, born abt 1759 in Duplin County, N.C.
Died: 1817 in Bulloch County, Ga.
Delilah Neville at St. Mathew Parish, Effingham County, Ga.
Abt. 1783/1785
Children of Samuel Williams & Delilah Neville :
1.John Williams, born abt.1787 in Bulloch co, Ga.
   Died: After 1860 in Baker Co, FL.
   Married: 1. Sarah Akins on Aug.10, 1813 in Bulloch Co, Ga.
                2. Martha (?)
2.Robert R Williams, born 1801 in Bulloch Co, Ga.
   Married:Ann Elizabeth Nancy Hall on Jan.29,1824 Bulloch Co, ga.
Roland Williams, born 1785 in Effingham co, Ga.
   Died:Dec.30, 1813 in Bryan Co, Ga.
Jincey Jane Banks in Bulloch Co, Ga. on Oct. 19, 1802
4.Samuel Williams, born abt 1787/1797 in Effingham Co, Ga.
   Died: 1854 in Bulloch Co, Ga.
   Married: Nancy Jones on Dec.22,1810 in Bulloch Co, Ga.
5.William A. Williams, born 1786 in Effingham Co, Ga.
   Died: 1860 in Baker Co, FL.
   Married: Sarah Harvey on March 4,1813 in Bulloch Co, Ga.
6.Sarah Williams, born 1795 in Ga.
   Married: William Rawls on March 13,1823 in Bulloch Co, Ga.
7.Dorothy Williams, born Aug.13,1792 in Effingham Co, Ga.
   Died: Feb11,1845 in Ware Co, Ga.
   Married: William T.Sweat on April 27,1810 in Bulloch Co, Ga.
   ( son of Nathaniel Sweat 1 & Sarah (?) )
8.Dicey "Dilly" Williams born abt. 1799 in Ga.
   Married: Chappel Edwards before 1820 in Ga.
9.Deborah Williams, born 1802 in Ga.
   Married: William Allen in Nov.1823 in Bulloch Co, Ga.


                  Nathan Knight Williams Civil war info

Nathan Knight Williams
Confederate soldier
Nathan K.Williams
Residence not listed.
Enlisted on 11-2-1861 at Tampa, FL. as a Private.
On 11-2-1861 he mustered into "K" Co. FL.8th Infantry.
He was discharged on 2-23-1862.

On 4-18-1862 he mustered into "E" Co. FL. 7th Infantry
( Date and Method of discharge not given)

Other information:
Born in Baker Co, FL.  ( ?)
Died 6-7-1934
Buried: Fort Ogden Cemetery in Desoto Co. FL.

                     Information courtesy of:
          Ronald A. Mosocco, CPA/PFS,CFP
          102 Maple Lane
          Williamsburg, Va. 23185-8106


John Anderson Williams Civil War info

Civil War Information

Information from: James River Publications
John Anderson Williams
Born: April 10,1840 in Columbia County, Fl.
Died: July 14,1906 in Seabreeze. Volusia County, FL.
Mustered in on April 10, 1862
Mustered out on April 26, 1865
Served in the 7th Regiment, Florida Infantry   E Company. Private
Confederate Army
To view the obituary of John Anderson Williams, go to:
The Desoto Co, FLGenWeb Project
Desoto County Florida Obituaries
John is listed in the :
FL. Civil War Pension Index

Wife: Mary Williams- Desoto Co, Fl.-1907
10 pages- Application # A 00857


                                                       Misc. Marriage Records for Williams


Nathan K. Williams & Celia Durrance
State of Forida
County of Orange,
To any minister of the Gospel in (Com muniow ? )with a Church,
Judge or Justice of the Peace.
  You are hereby authorized to solomnize the rite of Matrimony between N.K. Williams and Miss.Celia Durrancec and after solomnizing the same you will return this license to my office with your certificate of solomnization endorsed(here.?)
                                                                       Given under my hand and Office Seal
                                                                       this 2nd Day of September 1869
                                                                        ( M.K. Brockton ?)
hard to read
State of Florida
Orange County,
I do hereby certify that I (excecuted ? )  the _____? Marriage License by joining together in Holy Wedlock N.K. Williams and Celia Durrance on this
3rd day of September A.D.1869.
                                                             John R. Moizell ( ? )
                                                             Judge County Court
Filed and recordrd September ( ?) 1869  (A.K.Lhektow  ? )
hard to read names.




         Williams Marriages
Sarah Floyd Williams( daughter of Nathan K.Williams & Celia Durrance)
married: Henry Washington "Bud" Daughtrey on Nov.4,1901 in Desoto Co, FL.
            (Henry was the son of John Daughtrey & Rebecca Ellen Williams)

Nathan Knight Williams( son of Rowland "Roland" Williams & Nancy Ann Sweat)
married: 1.Susan Tyson on May 12,1866 in Manatee County, FL.
             2.Celia Sarah Durrance on Sept.3,1869 in Orlando, Orange Co, FL.

James Edward Williams
married:Ellen G.Youmans on Feb.21,1898 Lee County, FL.

Caroline "Carrie" Williams
married: Stephen Sloan on Nov.10,1889 Desoto County, FL.

Bertha Mae Williams
married: Edger Tippins on April 17,1898 in Fort Ogden, Desoto Co, Fl.

Joseph L.Williams
married: Carrie Mae Dyches on June 5,1923 in Fort Myers, Lee Co, FL.

Effie Williams
married: Fred M.Lanier on Jan.25,1914 in ______________?

Rowland "Roland" Williams
married: Nancy "Annie"Sweat on April 10,1839 in Columbia Co, FL.

James W.Williams
married: Clementine Durrance on Oct.18,1865 in Polk County, FL.

Rebecca Ellen Williams
married: John Daughtrey on Oct.7,1876 in Manatee Co, FL.

Thomas Williams
married: Sophronia Drawdy on Dec.26,1884 in FL.

Roland Williams
married: Jincy "Jane" Banks on Oct.19,1802 in Bulloch County, Ga.

John A.Williams
married 1.:Mary Williams on July 30,1866 Polk Co, FL.(Note:married 2 times?)
               Mary Williams on May 25, 1869 Manatee Co, FL.

Mary Ann Williams
married: Edward Whidden on April 20, 1867 Manatee County, FL.

Simeon Williams
married: Clementine Wingate on July 3,1867 Manatee co, FL.

Meridian Williams
married: Griffin Smith on March 30,1880 in Manatee co, FL.