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   Sources for Jones Records

Marriage record ( copy) Cale H Jones and Alice Louise ( Lowery) Jones cert.Biloxi, Ms.
   obtained Courtesy of Mary Romero.
2.Copy- marriage anouncement Cale H Jones and Alice (Lowery) Jones. Biloxi, Ms
  newspaper.- obtained courtesy of Mary Romero
3.Social Security Admin.- Copy of original SS application for Cale H. Jones.
4.Office of Vital Statistics, PO Box 210, Jacksonville, Fl.
  Copy of original death certificate for Cale H. Jones.
  Copy of original death certificate for Alice Louise ( Lowery) Jones Kimbrell
5 Collier County Public Library, Naples, Fl.
6.Copy of death notice for Alice ( Lowery) Jones Kimbrell- Naples Daily News 1-13-75 Pg    3b Obit
7. Copy of death notice ( obit) for Cale H. Jones, - Naples Daily News -8-3-1966
8 Pickens County, Ga. Public Library, Jasper, Ga.
9 Judge of the Probate Court, Pickens County, Jasper, Ga.
10.Pickens County, Ga. census records, for years 1850, 1860, 1880, 1910.
11. Public Library of Anniston & Calhoun County, Alabama.
12. Calhoun County, Alabama census records for year 1920
13.Copy of Marriage record for Charles Allison Jones and Hester A.T. Prather,1866
    Pickens County, Ga. Probate court- vital records.
14.Pickens County, Ga. marriage records, 1853-1965
15.Copy of marriage certificate of James S. Jones amd Mary Stepp. -- Pickens Co, Ga. 
    probate court. ( The record does not list Mary's last name., so it is not positive that this
    is the correct copy). The court says it is correct.
16.Fort Myers News Press, Lee Co, Fl.
    Copy of the newspaper obit of James S Jones ( Jake) 1938 --
    Copy of Funeral services notice for James.S Jones
17.Lawrence Powell Funeral Home records - Funeral records for James Jones ( Jake)
    Note: Renamed Harvey-Englehardt-Metz Funeral Home,
            Fort Myers, Lee County, Fl.
18.First Baptist Church records, Talking Rock, Pickens Co,Ga, -
    Member James Jones, Yr. 1903 GaGenWeb Project website, Pickens co, Ga.
19 National Archives and Records Adm. in Atlanta, Ga.
20.Cale Jones 2nd. Personal knowledge of family.history.
21.Arthur & Ella Mae Anthony ( Grandson of William Jesse Stepps)Personal knowledge
     of family history.
22.LaRilda Vansandt, decendant of William Jesse Stepps and Lula ( Barns) Stepps
    Alabama, personal knowledge of family.history.
23. Mary Romero, Miss.Alice ( Lowery) Jones info  Personal knowledge of family and her
    own research records.
24.Barbara ( Jones) Morgan, daughter of Stephen and Beatrice Jones.Personal knowledge
    of family history.
25 copy of newspaper obit Charles Edward Jones ( Ed) Fort Myers News Press.
26 Gary Benton Prather, Texas, decendant of Hester A.T.Prather and 2nd husband Benjamin
    F. Dorsey. Personal knowledge of family history, plus years of research of his
    Prather ancestors.
27.Cantrell ( Griffith decendant) Jasper, Ga. Griffith family info.
28.Internet genealogy resource sites.
29.Randy Jones- PRATHER family info.
    ( Randy has a wonderful site "
Roots.") You can email him at
30.1860 Pickens Co, Ga. census- Grassy Knob District-
     Mary Jones, Domestic- from Tenn. ( age 38 ?)
     Charles A. Jones, son-age 13- Ga.
     Caleb Jones, son-age 10-Ga.
31.1850 Pickens co, Ga. census Mary Jones,( middle initial looks like J or L) age 35 - 
    from Tenn.
     Charles A.Jones, son,age 5
     Caleb Jones, son, age 2
32. 1880 Pickens co, Ga. census lists: Caleb Jones, other,M,S,W, 31,Ga.-
     Farmer- father- mother, Tenn
33.1860 Pickens co, Ga. census- Stephen Griffith- Sharp Mountain District.



Griffith sources

Griffith Source Records and Census Records
1. Pickens County GaGenWeb Project
2. Pickens county, Ga. Public Library, Jasper, Ga.
3.Franklin County GaGenWeb.
4. J. Cantrell ( Griffith decendant) 
5.Carol Ann "Cat" Tindal
Carol Ann is also the creator of the wonderful research site:
Southern Mountain Ancestor Research Center "SMARC"
6.1820 Habersham County, Ga Fed.census
7.1830 Habersham county, Ga. census
8.1850 Cherokee County, Ga. census, division 15
   Caleb Griffith, age 80, farmer
   Julia Ann "    " 
   Stephen "     " , age 47, farmer
9.1860 Pickens county, Ga. Fed. census, Sharp Mountain district.
    Stephen Griffith, age 54, b. abt. 1806 (?) Ga.
    Julia A.  "       ", age 82, b.abt.1778 N.C.
10.1870 Pickens Co, Ga. Census- Sharp Mountain district.
    Stephen Griffith, age 69, b. Ga.
    Lina Griffith, age 40, b. Ga. Keeps house
    Amanda Griffith, age 22, b.Ga. Keeps house
    Stephen Cantrell, age 14, b.Ga.
    Licenia Mayfield, age 12, b. Ga.
    Caleb Jones, age 22, b.Ga.



Prather Source List
1 Pickens county, Ga. Public Library in Jasper, Ga.
2. Pickens County, Ga census records years 1850-1860-1870-1880
3. Copy marriage certificate for Hester A.T. Prather and Charles A. Jones
    dated 1866 Pickens County, Ga. vital records.
4.Pickens County, Ga. Marriage records 1853-1965
5. Gary Benton Prather , Texas, Prather decendant.
6.Randy Jones- Prather family info.
    Email Randy at

7. 1880 Pickens county, Ga, census  - Truckwheel District lists:
    James M. PRATHER, age 69, b. abt.1811b. Ky
    Parthenia _______age 62, wife
    Martha  ________38, daughter
    Caroline_________30, daughter
    Eunace C________29, daughter.
    James M._________22, son
    Parthenia L.JONES, age 12, b.Ga. Grandaughter
    James J. JONES, age 10, b. Ga. Grandson

8.1850 Cherokee County, Ga. census-- Division 15
   James M. PRATHER, age 39, b.abt.1811 Ky - Carpenter
   Parthenia _________age 32, b.SC
   Edward___________13, b. Ga son
   Martha____________11, daughter
   Mary______________ 9, daughter
   Caroline____________, 7 daughter
   Warren____________ 5, son
   Hester Ann__________3. daughter
   Gidion______________1, son
   Eunace C____________1, daughter

9. 1870 Census- Jasper, Pickens County, Ga.
   James M.PRATHER, age 60, b.Ky.white male- Blacksmith
   Parthenia__________age 55, keeps house, b. SC
   Edward____________age 31(?) school teacher, b. Ga
   Martha____________ age 29, at home, b.Ga
   Caroline___________age 23. at home, b. Ga
   Gidion ____________age 20, b.Ga, employed in Marble Works
   Eunace C___________age 20, b.Ga at home
   James______________age 14, b. Ga.attending school

10. 1870 Census- Jasper, Pickens County, Ga.
    Hester, Ann JONES , age 22 b.Ga, keeps house.
    Lillie Parthenia ______. age 2, b. Ga. daughter
    Jacob J. ___________ age 12, b.Ga, son

11. 1870 Census, Jasper, Pickens Co, Ga.
    Warren PRATHER, age 23, b. Ga, Farm Laborer
    Sealy M (?) ________20, keeps house, b.Ga.
    Ida  _______________ 6 / m. b.Ga.

12. 1900 Census, Pickens County, Ga. - Sharp Mountain
    James M. PRATHER, age 41, b.abt.Sept.1858/59 Ga.- White, head
    Mary E(?)_________ wife, b.June 1861
    John D.___________ 17, b.Aug. 1883 Ga. Son
    Hinesia(?) _________, age 12,b. Dec.1887 Ga. daughter
    Caroline __________ age 55,b.Oct.1844 Ga, ( Sister)
    Parthenia __________ age 83, b.Feb.1817 ( mother)

13. 1900 Census, Pickens Co, Ga.
    Gidion PRATHER, head, b. Sept. 1820, age 49(?)
    Nancy A________, wife, b. Oct. 1861(?), 38
    Martha C________. daughter, b. 1883(?) age 17
    Mary C._________ daughter, b.Sept.1884,(?) age 14
    James H.________- son, b.Sept.1888 . age 11
    Edward__________, son, b.Feb1891 , age 9
    Hester A._________daughter, b.Sept.1892. age 6
    Katie_____________daughter, b.Sept.1896, age3
    Lula M ___________ daughter, b.Oct.1899, age 1



Newell Sources list
Albert Benjamin Addison & Charity Newell - copy of original marriage certificate. Dated: June 13, 1894 Lee Co, Fl.
                filed on  June 21, 1894 Lee Co, Fl.
                Witnesses: Hiram Newell & Charity Newell
                 E. Stephens, N.P, Officiating

Charity Addison- Copy of newspaper obit- Fort Myers News-Press. Monday, Feb.5, 1962

Charity( Newell) Addison - Copy of original death certificate-
Date signed: 2-5-1962 , Date of death: 2-4-1962
Lee Memorial Hospital, Lee county, FL.

Charity ( Newell) Addison, copy of Funeral Record- Harvey Lawrence Funeral Home.

Ancestry.Com. American Civil War Soldiers Database..
Edward R. Newell

North Carolina Troops 1861- 65 A Roster ( NCRoster)

North carolina Marriage bonds.1741--1868 Marriage Database.

1880 Johnson County, Texas census.
Edward R. Newell- Pg. 211 E.C. 79
Federal Population Schedule, Federal Census Index.

Lee county, FL. Confederate Pension Application Files Index.
Edward R. Newell- File # A07942 North Carolina,

Florida Marriage index- Groom, Hyram Newell- bride, Abbie Weese
Book 2, Pg. 203- Marriage License .- Submitted to database by Helen Farrell.

Collier county, Fl. 1917-18 Civilian Draft Registration ( L-Z)
lists Hyram Newell- Sept. 16, 1878 W.
Note: Also listed is Albert B. Addison April 23, 1895 Marco, Fl.

Margaret Sessions, personal knowledge of family.

Helen Farrell's genealogy records.


                      Daughtrey Sources

1.The website of Paul Lawrence has a wealth of information on the Daughtrey Family and was a great help to me in my research. Please visit his wonderful site at;
Lawrence Genealogy
2. Desoto County FLGenWeb Cemetery List. Fort Ogden Cem. D-F( Daughtrey)
3. Marriage record, copy of original certificate, for H.W. Daughtrey & Sarah Floyd
    Williams, State of Florida, Desoto County.
    Date of Marriage: Nov.4,1901
    Church & place: Fort Ogden, Desoto Co, FL.
4.Robert Daughtrey, a descendant
5.1920 Federal census- Moore Haven,FL. Precinct # 37- Glades Co, Fl. Lists:
   #.47. Daughtrey, Henry W., head ,own, m/w 39 M.b. FL. TN/FL. Farmer
           Floyd, wife, 40
           William H. son, 17
           Beatrice, daughter, 15 in school
           Ethel M. daughter, 11, in school
           Lessie L. daughter, 9 in school
           Arthur A. son
           Charles, son,1 
6. 1921-1927 Voters List Pricinct # 10, Citrus Center North, Glades Co, FL.
     Lists: Floyd Daughtrey & W..H. ( H.W.) Daughtrey, --Henry Daughtrey
7.1910 Desoto Co, Fl. Census  lists:
    Daughtrey, John,- head-M W. 65 ,M2, 34, TN., NC. U.S.-Farmer- Orange Grove
           Rebecca, wife 50
           Thomas, son, 25 farmer- home farm
           Kate, dau. 22
           John,son, 20, farmer- home farm
           Carmon, dau, 16
           Morris, son, 14- farmer-home farm
           Julius, son, 12, farmer- home farm
           Dewey, son, 11, farmer- home farm
           Samuel, son, 9
           Cecil, son, 8
           Francis, son, 6
           Alice , dau ( adopted?) 1
8. Copy of original marriage certificate: John Daughtrey & Rebecca Ellen Williams
    Dated Oct. 7, 1876 in Manatee Co, Fl.
9.1900 census for Desoto County, Fl. lists
          John daughtrey, head, farmer, 54
          Rebecca, wife, 40                        Leon, son, 9
          Belle, dau, 21                               Carmen, dau, 6
          Henery, son, 19                           Maurice, son, 4
          Thomas, son, 16                         Julius, son, 3
          Ethel, dau, 14                              Dewey.son.2
          Katherine, dau, 13                        Samuel, son, 0/12 months
          John, son, 10 WW1 Civilian Dreft Registration Database.
     John Daughtrey( Jr) Birthdate: Dec. 17, 1890 W. Fort Ogden, FL. Desoto Co.
11.Cemetery Records. Fort Ogden, Desoto Co, Fl. ( Daughtrey)
12. Family Bible of Lessie Lee ( Daughtrey) Addison
13. Ron Metz
14.Manatee co, Genweb site.
The Desoto County, FL. GenWeb Site ( This is a great site!)
16. My personal knowledge of family.
      Conversations & interviews with family
Latter Day Saints Genealogy search Site..
18.Carrie Parlor Gibson, a Williams descendant. ( She is a wonderful person and she
     has collected a huge amount of information and material on the Williams &  the
     Daughtrey families.)

19. Robert Daughtry's website- Descendants of Adam



Glades County, FL. 1917-18 Civilian Draft Registration has listed as follows:
   (All born Desoto County, FL)
1.Charles Benjamin Daughtrey, b.June 10,1888 ( card filed in DO section)
2.Arthur Taylor Daughtrey, b.Oct.7,1885
3.John Daughtrey, b.Dec.17,1890 Fort Ogden(card filed in Dou section 4.Morris Daughtrey, b June 7, 1895 Fort Ogden
5.Tom Daughtrey, b March 16,1884
6.George Dewey Daughtrey, b.May 15,1898
7.John Henry Daughtrey, b Jan.31,1884
8.Julius McKinley Daughtrey, b. Aug.22,1896 Fort Ogden
9.Samuel Smoke Daughtrey, b.Feb.28, 1900

10.Henry Washington Daughtry (Daughtrey), b.March 31,1881


From the Glades County, Fl. 1921-1927 Voters list for precinct 10, - Citrus Center:  Henry Daughtrey, Floyd Daughtrey, W.H. (H.W.) Daughtrey



Sources for Sweat Family information
Rootsweb World Connect Project " William Tindall Family "
Jimmy Stewart. Contact Rita at

Baker County, FL. census records for years 1870,1880, 1900, 1910

Florida Confederate Pension Index

Florida Civilian Draft Registration Index.

Baker County, FL. Marriages 1877-1930

Columbia County, FL. marriages records.
Phyllis Mathis Bordon has written some wonderful biographies of Nancy "Annie" Sweat Williams, Rowland Williams, Abner Sweat and John Anderson, plus much more.
Phyllis Mathis Bordon's Homepage-- Slater--Hollow


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                                " The Newell Connection "

                      Beginning with Edward Robert Newell
                        Father of Charity (Newell) Addison
Edward Robert Newell, born approx.1840-1841 probably Cumberland co, N.C.
Died: 1926 Gadsden, Fl..

Charity Ann Wright  on Dec.22,1863 in Cumberland Co, N.C ( source; North Carolina marriage bonds 1741-1868 ) 
 Died: High Point, N.C.
 She was the daughter of Hiram Wright and Sarah Bowden.from Cumberland
 County, North Carolina.
 Children of Edward Robert Newell & Charity ( Wright ) Newell:         
1.Ashford Newell
  Born:3,1868, Lumberton County, NC
  Died:d .May 26,1944 High Point, Guilford County, NC. at age 76 -  buried: St. Matthews Church Cem. near Bishopville, SC.,,  J.W. Sechrest & Son Funeral Home in High Point NC.was in charge Occupation: Photographer - Retired. 
 Married:#1.Eudora E.Reynolds on Sept.16,1888 -- she was b.Nov.25,1870 SC & d. Sept.18,1924 High Point, Guilford County,NC---Married #2. Nannie Hiatt in 1926 Children of Ashford and Eudora "Dora" Reynolds:
   1.Annie Newell,b.Dec.1890 SC married Daniels --
   2 Bryant Newell,b.Jan.1893 SC -
   3.Edward Edwin Newell, bSept.1895 -
   4.Irene Newell,b.Sept.1897 -
   5.Beulah Rosa? Newell,b.June 1899 

2.Bryant Newell Sr.
  Born: July 23,1873 Seattle, Washington
  Died: April 6,1959 Fort Myers, Lee co, Fl . age 82
  Buried: Fort Myers Cem. Fort Myers, Lee Co, FL.
  Source- copy death certificate
  Occupation: Contractor & builder
  Fought in Spanish American War-
  Married: Daidie Byard on Oct.13,1898 in Chattanooga, TN..
  Daidie was b.July 13,1882 Haley Station, TN.-- d. Oct.12,1953 Fort
  Myers, Lee Co, Fl-- Father, Robert M. Byard- Mother, Jolly_____ ?     
   1 Ashford Newell
   2.Robert Newell
   3.Dock Newell
   4.Bryant Newell Jr,(Rev.) born:1899-Died: 1970
      Married: Nettie Williams on Oct.22,1918
3 Charity Newell
  Born: April 11, 1875 in Texas ( this is birthdate listed on death certificate.)
  Died: Feb.4,1962 in Fort Myers, Lee Co, FL.
  Married: Albert Benjamin Addison on June 13, 1894 in Lee Co, FL.
. Charity Newell was born on April 11, 1875 in Texas.-
 bithdate listed on  death  certificate )
 Died on Feb.4,1962 in Fort Myers, Lee county, Fl.
 Buried: Feb 7,1962 in the Marco Cemetery, Marco Island, FL.
Albert Benjamin Addison on June 13,1894 in Lee County, FL.
 She was the daughter of Edward Robert Newell and Charity Ann Wright

Children of Charity ( Newell) Addison & Albert Benjamin Addison:
    1.Albert Bryant Addison
     Born: April 23, 1895 Fl.
    2.Chester Addison
    Born::June 6, 1897 Marco Island, FL.
    3.Annie Addison
    Born:July 27, 1899 Marco Island, Fl.
    4.Alice Addison
    Born:Nov.11,1901 in FL.
    5.Richard addison
    Born:April 19,1904 Marco Island, FL.
    6.George Addison
    Born: March 29, 1905 Marco Island,
    7.James Addison
    Born:April 24, 1906  Marco Island, FL.
    8.Dolly ( Charity) Addison
    Born: Dec.25,1909 FL.Marco Island, FL.
    9.Ernest Addison
    Born: Jan.27, 1912 FL.Marco Island, FL.

4.Hyram Newell
  Born: ( death cert. says Sept.16,1878 Texas )
  Died: Feb.4,1970 in Avon Park, Highlands Co, Fl. Hillcrest Nursing Home. 
  Buried: Marco Cemetery, Marco Island, FL.on Feb 9, 1970
  Source- copy of death certificate
  Occupation- fishing guide
  Married: Abbie Weese on Aug.6,1908 in Lee co, Fl.
  Recorded Marriage Book 2, pg.203  ( No children)

5.Dorinda Newell
  Born: May 25, 1877 Texas
  Died: Dec.18,1925 Lee co, Fl. district #2501-Precinct 25107
  Buried: Fort Myers Cem. Lee co, FL.
  Source. copy of death certificate.
  Married:# 1 Richard Sawyer on Sept.9,1896 Lee Co, FL.
-Recorded Book 2 pg.34
   1.Richard Sawyer Jr.b.Aug.1898Fl.--
   2.PrestonSawyer,b  Aug.31,1901 Lee county, FL.
    Married #2.James Edward. Daniels abt. 1904 Florida.
   1.Lillian "Lillie" Francis Daniels, b.1905 Lee Co.,--
   2. James Edward Daniels Jr.,b.1907 Lee Co, FL. --
   3. Ida Daniels, b.abt.1909 Lee Co, FL.

Bryant Newell,. b.abt.1824 NC. d. ________________,

married Edith Harris, b.abt.1825 NC


1.Edward Robert Newell.b.abt.1840/41 NC- Married: Charity Ann Wright..

2.Susan A Newell,b.1843/45 Duplin, NC.-d. Nov.14,1901 Duplin, NC. ,

buried: Grady Cem.Duplin, NC.-Married: Charles Clinton Grady.

3.William D.Newell,b.abt.1846 NC.

4.Catherine C.Newell, b.abt.1848 NC.


Edward Newell, b.Dec.7,1770 NC --d. May 29,1837 Montgomery County, TN.  --

Married: Sarah Stokes Moody


1.Bryant Newell


John Newell, b.June 1,1734 Prince George. Va. -  d. Jan.27,1792 NC --

Married: Lucy Hyde , b.June 2,1738 NC - d. June 1, 1803 NC. - 


1.Edward Newell, 1770 - 1837