My Florida Roots

                        Census Records



1850 Gilmer County, Ga. census ( now Pickens County) Lists:6650-1127 Mary J. Jones, age 35, H H, B. TN
                  1127 Charles A. Jones, age 5, son, b. TN.
                  1127 Caleb Jones, age 2, son b. TN
                 ( Note: Boys were actually born in Ga. )
     1860 Pickens County,Ga.Census(Grassy Knob dist.:)   lists -      Mary J. Jones, age 38? B. TN  Domestic
              Charles A. Jones, age 13, son, b. Ga.
              Caleb Jones, age 10, son, b. Ga.
1840 Gilmer county, Ga. Census Lists: Stephen Griffith ( No Township listed).

1850 Gilmer County, Ga. Census Lists: Stephen Griffith- # 33 subdivision

1860 Pickens county, Ga. Lists: Stephen Griffith - Sharp Mountain District.
1870 Pickens County, Ga.Census  Lists:
            Stephen Griffith, age 69, b. Ga.
            Stephen Cantrell, age 14, b. Ga
            Licenia  Mayfield, age 12, b.Ga.
            Caleb Jones, age 22, b. Ga.
            Lina Griffith, age 40, , b. Ga.
            Amanda Griffith, age 22, b. Ga.
1880 Pickens County, Ga. Census Lists:
           Caleb Jones, M. single, W. age 31, b. Ga. Farmer-
                     Father, b. NC or Ga.  Mother b. TN
           ( Living and working for family of William H. Simmons, Lawyer.)
1870 Pickens county, Ga. census Lists:
          Image Jasper Township
          980- Hester Ann Jones, age 22, keeping house.
                  Lillie Jones, age 2 daughter, b. Ga.
                  Jacob, J, age 1 son, B. Ga.
1880 Pickens County, Ga. Census ( Truckwheel District) Lists:
(Note: This is parents of Hester Ann T.Prather & the grandparents of 
 James Jacob S. Jones)  source- Pickens Co. Library, Jasper, Ga.
     44-44-Prather, James M. age 69
                           Parthenia, age 62 wife
                           Martha, age 38, daughter
                           Caroline, age 30, daughter
                           Eunace C, age 29 daughter
                           James M. age 22, son
               Jones, Parthenia L, age 12, grandaughter, b. Ga.
               Jones, James J. age 10, grandson, b. Ga.
1900 Pickens County, Ga. District 13, Jasper, Lists:
  53-54- Jacob S. Jones, head,  July 1869 , age 30, b. Ga. Day laborer
                        Mary ( L?) Wife, May 1872, age 28, NC
   1910 Pickens county, Ga. Cesus , Militia Dist.899 , Dug Road
       Source- Pickens Co. Library, Jasper, Ga.
        122-125 Jones, Jake- Head, M.W.M age 40  Ga. Ga. Ga. English
                                       Laborer, Marble Miner
                               Mary, Wife, F.W.38(?) Ga. NC,TN, English
                               Steve, son, M.W.9, Ga,Ga,Ga,
                               Ethel, Daughter, F.W. 9, Ga.Ga.Ga.
                               Cale, son, M.W. 8, Ga.Ga.Ga.
                               Jesse, son, M.W. 5, Ga.Ga.Ga.
1920 Alabama Census, Cherokee County, Colona, District 26, Precinct 7 Lists:
Source- Anniston-Calhoun County Public Library. The Alabama Room
     102-104. Jones, Jake S  head, age 50, b.Ga.
                             Mary, wife, age 47, b.NC
                             Stephen, son, age 19, b.Ga single
                             Ethel, daughter, age 19, b.Ga. single
                             Cale, son, age 17, b Ga. single
                             Jessie, son, age 14,b. Ga. single
1930 Collier County, FL. Census, Naples . Lists:
 Jones, Jake S.-Head, age 60, Ga. Ga.Ga. Messanger for Telegraph 
Mary S.-Wife, age 57, NC.NC. TN
Jessie F., Son. age 24, Ga.Ga.NC, Mechanic for Ice Plant.
1930 Collier County, FL. Census- Naples. Lists:
         Jones, Cale H- Head, age 28, b.Ga. Marshall for Town of Naples.
                           Alice B(?), wife, age 20, b. Mississippi
                           Cale H. JR, son, 1 6/12  (?) b.FL




                              Addison Census Records
1880 Census- Chicago, Cook county, Ill
(Living in the household of Henry Schultz.& Family)
Addison, Richard, age 22, boarder, machinist, b.England, father b.England, mother b. England, single.
1900 Polk County, FL Census-Precinct 15, Dist.135
Addison, Richard, head,b.May 1859 England. age 41, farmer
_______ Francis, wife, b.Feb.1869 Alabama., age 31
              added note- this is Susan Francis (Flowers)
________Richard B. son, b.Aug.1892 Fl. age 7
________Eliza, daughter, b.Aug.1893 Fl. age 6
________Mary V., daughter, b.Dec.(?)1896 Fl. age3.
1900 census -Marco Island, Fl. Precinct 7
ADDISON, Albert, head, age.abt 30, b. England.
                 Charity, wife, 25, b.Texas, Father &  mother from NC.
                 Albert B., son, 5, FL.
                 Chester C., son, 3, FL.
                 Annie R., daughter, 1/2 (?)
1900 census-Marco Island, Fl.
NEWELL, Charity, head, May 1843 , age 57, b. NC., farming
"       "        Hiram, son,, 1877, age 22, farm labor
SAWYER, Dorinda, daughter, 1882, age 18
"         "   , Richard, son-n-law, 1872, age 27, sailer
"         "     Richard, grandson, 1897, age 2
ADDISON, Joseph, boarder, Feb.1873, age 27, farm labor
TUCKER, Andrew, boarder, Dec.1883, age 16
1910 census-Lee County, FL. Marco
ADDISON, Joseph, head of household, age 36 , b. England
1910-census Loughman, Polk Co, FL. District 145
Addison, Richard, head, 50, b.England
_______, Susan, wife, 41, b.Alabama,
_______  Richard, son, 18, single, b.Fl
_______  Eliza F.,daughter, 15, b.FL. single
_______  Mary, daughter, 12, b.FL.single
_______  James T.son, 8, b.FL, single
________Maggie M, daughter, 6, b.FL single
________George, son, 2,b,FL. single
________ Joseph Lee, son, 1,b.FL.single
1920 census, Lee Co, FL.  township, Marco
ADDISON, Joseph, head, 46, b. England,( Ditch digger(?)
                 Josephine, wife, 51
PARKS, Jerome L.,(possibly James L), stepson, age 31
HERNDON, Ethel, stepdaughter, 15
"           " ,   Alice, stepdaughter, 12
KEEN, Pearl,stepdaughter, 17
"         " Wesley M, grandson, 2 1/2
( My added note: This is Pearl (Watson) Keen & son, daughter of Josephine and ex husband Edgar Watson.)               
1920 census- Lee Co,FL. Township, Marco
ADDISON, Albert , head, age 50,  b.England, fisherman
                 Charity, wife, 44(?) b.Texas,  parents NC
                  Annie Ruth, daughter, 20, s
                  Alice L., daughter, 18, s
                  Richard, son, ( cannot read)
                  George, son,    "        "
                  James, son,     "          "
                  Ernest, son,     "          "
                  Charity, daughter, "        "
                ( NOTE; The census taker had bad handwriting.)
1920 census-Lee Co, Fl. Township Marco.
ADDISON, Albert b., head, age 24, b. Florida , father b.England,
                                fisherman, private boat.
                  Laura B., wife, age 19
                  Ruth E., daughter, age ( could not read)
ADDISON, Chester C., brother, age 22
1920 census, Polk County, FL. Loughman township.Dist.177
ADDISON, Richard, head, age 60, born England.
_________ Susan, wife, age 50, b.AL
_________ Benjamine, son, age 25, b.Fl. single
________   Fannie C., daughter, age 21 b.FL.single
________  Thomas, son, age 19, b.FL.single
_________ Mary, daughter, age 21, b.Fl, single
_________ Maggie, daughter, age 16, b.FL, single
_________ George, son, age 11, b.Fl, single
_________ Joe, son, age 9, b.FL single
_________ Gertrude, daughter, age 7, b.FL, single
1930 census- Polk county, Fl. Precinct 22, dist.48
Addison, Richard, head, age 70, b.England
_______   Susan F., wife, age 60, b.AL
_______   Richard D., son, age 37 b.FL.
________ Mary, daughter, age 32, b.Fl
________ Maggie M. daughter, age 25, b.Fl
________ Joseph S., son, age 21, b.Fl
________ Gertrude, daughter, age 18, b.Fl
________ Clarence (A?), grandson, age 8, b.FL
________ Maurice, grandson, age 6, b.Fl.

1930 census, Collier County. Dist.6-Precinct 4, Fisherman
ADDISON, Chester C., head, 32, b. FL.
                  Nola N., wife, 24, b. FL.
                  Wavialee, daughter, 8, FL.
                  Claud M., son, 7, Fl.
                  Margaret V., daughter, 5, FL.
                  Eloise, daughter, 4 1/2 (?) FL.
                  Carl E., son, 2 1/2(?) FL.

1930 census- Collier Co, Fl. Precinct 4
ADDISON, Albert B. head, 35, FL.
                  Laura B., wife, 29, FL.
                  Ruth, daughter, 10, FL.
                  Anna b., daughter, 6, Fl.
1930 census-Collier county- Election Precinct 4
ADDISON, Albert, head, age 60, b. England, parents b. England, gardener.
                                     Developement Co.
                 Charity, wife, 58, b. texas, parents b. NC
                 Richard, son, 23, b. Fl.  Fisherman
                 Ernest, son, 19, b. Fl. Fisherman
NEWELL, Hiram, lodger, age 55, b. Texas, parents b. NC,  carpenter for
                 Developement Co( note, Hiram is brother of Charity Addison)



      Newell Census Records_____________________________________________________

                                   Newell Census


1850 NC. Census- Cumberland county, Township: Eastern Division.
Roll M432-627 Pg.83- Image 167
Newell, Bryant, age 26, born NC, Laborer
            Edith, age 27, wife ,born NC
            Edward, age 9, son, born NC
            Susan A, age 7, daughter, born NC.
            William D, age 4, son, born NC
            Catherine C, age 2, daughter, born NC
1860Wayne County, NC Buck Swamp- Dudly Post Office.
Newell, Edith, age 35, b.NC
______ Wm. D., age 13, b.Nc
1870 Wayne County, NC Indian Springs, Goldsboro PO
Newell, Edith, age 48, b.NC abt. 1825
______ John, age 18, on farm, b. n.C. abt. 1852
Moore (?) BF(?) age 10, on farm, b.NC.

1870 Robeson, Lumberton, nc.
Newell, Edward R., age 29, b.NC. Cooper
______Charity, age 27, b.NC
______ Ashford, age 2, b.NC

1880 Texas census-Johnson County, Township E.C.79- Pg.211
Federal Population Schedule.
Newell, Edward R., age 39, born NC, Farmer , Mother & Father b.NC
            Charity A. wife, age 37, born NC.
            Ashford, son,age 12, born NC
            Bryant, son, age 7, born Washington Territory
            Charity, daughter, age 4, born Texas
            Hyre (?),age 1,b Texas ( added note:This is Hyram Newell, their son.)

1900- Lee County, Fl. census- Precinct 7- Marco Island
Newell, Charity, head, May 1847, age 57, born NC, NC, NC, Farming
            Hiram, son, age 22, born Sept. 1877, Texas
Sawyer, Dorinda, daughter, age 18, b.May 1882  Texas
             Richard, son-in-law, age 27, b. July 1872 Florida , sailor
             Richard, grandson, age 2, b. May(?) 1897 Florida
Addison, Joseph, Boarder, age 27, b. Feb.1873 England, parents b. England

1900 - Us. Census-Chokoloskee, Monroe County, FL. - district 108 -Precinct 8- household 70.
Newell, Edwin,  head, b.Feb 1840 NC.age 60, male, father NC, mother NC. farm labor, divorced
(Added NOTE: this is Edward Robert Newell)

1920 Census, Lee County, Florida. Fort Myers
Roll: 625_221- Pg. 7A, Ed: 107- Image 962
Newell, Bryant, age 47, b. Washington
            Daidie , age 37, wife, b. TN
            Clara M. age 18, daughter
            Hirim L., age 17, son
            Grace A, age 14, daughter
            Robert M., age 12, son
            Horace B., age 8, son
            Herald J., age 3, son
            Wilber, age 1 1/2 (?) son

1920 census- Lee County, Fl. Fort Myers
Roll: T625_221- Pg.24B-Ed:108-Image 1029
Newell, Hiram, age 41, head, born Texas, parents b. NC, General carpenter.

1920 Gadsden, FL. , Fl. State hospital, District 60
Newell, E.R. -Patient, age abt 63 (?0, b. FL(?)  ( Note: this is Edward R. Newell)

1930 Census, Lee County, Fl.- Precinct 7
Newell, Bryant, head, age 58, b.Washington, both parents born NC.
            Dadie, wife, age (?) born Tn. both parents b.Tn.
            Robert M, son,age 32(?),b Florida. father b.Washinton, mother Tn
            Herald, son, age 13, born FL.
            Heline (or Rollin?) age 11, son, born Fl.
            Madge, age 9, daughter, born Fl.

1930 Census- Collier county. District 6- Precinct 4
Addison, Albert, head, age 60, born England
             Charity, wife, age 58, born Texas
             Richard, son, age 23, born FL.
             Ernest, son, age 19, born Fl.
Newell, Hiram, Lodger, age 55, born Texas ( added NOTE: Brother of Charity)

1930 Census, Charlotte, FL. dist.9, Precinct 7
Newell, Bryant, age 30, b.AL. father b.Washington, mother b. AL. Lodger
                        Occupation fisherman.
_______Nettie, age 29, b.FL. Lodger, father b. Ga. mother b. FL.
_______ Arlis E. age 9, b.FL. Lodger


                                                        Wright Census Records

1850 Census 10-23-1850
Name Home in 1850
(City,County,State) Estimated birth year  - Birth Place
Hyram Wright Northern Division, Cumberland, NC abt 1817 North Carolina 32yrs, Nc
Elizabeth Wright Northern Division, Cumberland, NC abt 1829 North Carolina 21yrs, Nc
Charity Wright Northern Division, Cumberland, NC abt 1843 North Carolina 7yrs, Nc
Sarah Wright Northern Division, Cumberland, NC abt 1847 North Carolina 3yrs, Nc
Next House (Next Door)
1850 Census 10-23-1850
Name Home in 1850
(City,County,State) Estimated birth year -  Birth Place
Moses Bowdon Northern Division, Cumberland, NC abt 1825 North Carolina 2 5yrs, Nc
Nancy Bowdon Northern Division, Cumberland, NC abt 1826 North Carolina 24yrs, Nc
Danl J Bowdon Northern Division, Cumberland, NC abt 1849 North Carolina 1yr, Nc

1850 Census 11-20-1850
Name Home in 1850
(City,County,State) Estimated birth year - Birth Place
James Bowdon Northern Division, Cumberland, NC abt 1778 North Carolina 7 2yrs, Nc
Dolly Bowdon Northern Division, Cumberland, NC abt 1785 North Carolina 65yrs, Nc
Major Bowdon Northern Division, Cumberland, NC abt 1826 North Carolina 24yrs, Nc
Dolly I Wright Northern Division, Cumberland, NC abt 1844 North Carolina 6yrs, Nc
Janes H Wright Northern Division, Cumberland, NC abt 1847 North Carolina 3yrs, Nc

1850 Census 10-23-1850
Name Home in 1850
(City,County,State) Estimated birth year -  Birth Place
Sarah Guy Eastern Division, Cumberland, NC abt 1798 North Carolina 52yrs, Nc
Isabella Guy Eastern Division, Cumberland, NC abt 1833 North Carolina 17yrs, Nc
Mary Guy Eastern Division, Cumberland, NC abt 1836 North Carolina 14yrs, Nc
William Guy Eastern Division, Cumberland, NC abt 1838 North Carolina 12yrs, Nc
Isaac Guy Eastern Division, Cumberland, NC abt 1840 North Carolina 10yrs, Nc

1850 Census 8-10-1850
Name Home in 1850
(City,County,State) Estimated birth year - Birth Place
Mitchael Bowden Northern Division, Cumberland, NC abt 1792 North Caroli na 58yrs, Nc
Lotta Bowden Northern Division, Cumberland, NC abt 1804 North Carolina 46yrs, Nc
Polly Bowden Northern Division, Cumberland, NC abt 1825 North Carolina 25yrs, Nc
Hephzibah Bowden Northern Division, Cumberland, NC abt 1830 North Carolina 20yrs, Nc
David Bowden Northern Division, Cumberland, NC abt 1829 North Carolina 21yrs, Nc
Bryant Bowden Northern Division, Cumberland, NC abt 1832 North Carolina 18yrs, Nc
Will Bowden Northern Division, Cumberland, NC abt 1836 North Carolina 14yrs, Nc
Nancy A Bowden Northern Division, Cumberland, NC abt 1838 North Carolina 12yrs, Nc
Sarah Bowden Northern Division, Cumberland, NC abt 1839 North Carolina 11yrs, Nc
Lotta Bowden Northern Division, Cumberland, NC abt 1842 North Carolina 8yrs, Nc
Martha Bowden Northern Division, Cumberland, NC abt 1844 North Carolina 6yrs, Nc

1860 Census 6-28-1860
Name Home in 1860
(City,County,State) Age in 1860 - Birth Year -  Birthplace  - Gender
Hiram Wright Fayetteville, Cumberland, NC 43 abt 1817 North Carolina, Male
Dully Bowden Fayetteville, Cumberland, NC 70 abt 1790 North Carolina, Female
Sarah Bowden Fayetteville, Cumberland, NC 18 abt 1842 North Carolina, Female
Charity Wright Fayetteville, Cumberland, NC 18 abt 1842 North Carolina, Female
Jane Wright Fayetteville, Cumberland, NC 16 abt 1844 North Carolina, Female
Martha Bowden Fayetteville, Cumberland, NC 16 abt 1844 North Carolina, Female
Sarah Wright Fayetteville, Cumberland, NC 13 abt 1847 North Carolina, Female
James Wright Fayetteville, Cumberland, NC 12 abt 1848 North Carolina, Male
Mary Wright Fayetteville, Cumberland, NC 10 abt 1850 North Carolina, Female
Nathan Wright Fayetteville, Cumberland, NC 9 abt 1851 North Carolina, Male
Charlott Wright Fayetteville, Cumberland, NC 4 abt 1856 North Carolina, Female
Isaac Grey (Isaac Guy) Fayetteville, Cumberland, NC 18 abt 1842 North Carolina, Male



Daughtrey Census Records
1880-Pine Level, Ogden & Palmetto, Manatee County, FL.
Daughtrey, John, 36, b.TN. Farmer
Rebecca, 20, b.FL
__________ Anna M. daughter, 3, b.FL
__________ Rowena, daughter, 1,b.FL
Henry W.,son, 3 months, b.FL


Columbia County, precinct 4,district 5,
Daughtrey, Arthur, b.Aug.1849 TN.age 50, occupation printer
_________Edith, daughter, b.May1883 FL., age17
_________Taylor, son,b.Oct.1885 FL. age 15
__________Sadie, daughter, b.Sept.1888 FL. age 11
__________Nettie, daughter,b.Dec.1892 FL, age 7
_________ Ray (Roy?), son, b.Jan.1894 Fl.age 6

Desoto County, FL.
Daughtrey, John, head, 54, farmer
Rebecca wife, 40
_________Belle, daughter, 21,b.1879
Henry, son, 19
_________Thomas, son,16
_________Ethel, daughter,14
_________Katherine, daughter, 13
_________John, son, 10
_________Leon, son, 9
_________Carmen, daughter, 6
_________Maurice, son, 4
_________Julius, son, 3
_________Dewey, son,2
_________Samuel, son,0/12 months


Desoto County, Fl. Fort Ogden-district 8
Daughtrey, Henry, head,29,b.Fl. farmer orange groves
Floyd,, wife, 29,b.FL
__________William, son, 7,b.FL.
__________Beatrice, daughter, 5, b.FL.
__________Ethel May, daughter, 2, b.Fl.

Desoto County, FL. Fort Ogden. District 8
Daughtrey, John, head, age 65,b.TN, farmer oranges
Rebecca,,wife, 50,b.FL
_________Thomas, son,25,b.FL. farmer on home farm
_________ Kate, daughter,22,b.FL
_________John, son,20,b.FL. farmer
_________Morris,son,14,b.FL home farm
_________ Julius, son,12,b.FL. home farm
_________ Carmen, daughter, 16,b.FL
_________ Dewey, son,11,b.FL.


Precinct 37, Moore Haven, Glades County, FL.
Daughtrey, Henry W.,head, 39, b.FL  Farmer
Floyd, wife, age 40,
__________William H. son,17,b.FL
__________Beatrice, daughter, 15,b.FL-in school
__________Ethel M. daughter,11,b.FL-in school
Lessie Lee, daughter,9,b.FL- in school
__________Arthur A.,son, abt.4,b.FL
__________Charles, son, 1,b FL

Desoto County, Fl. Fort Ogden- district 12
Daughtrey, John,, head, age 76
_________Dora M., wife, 50, b.FL
_________ Mary A., grandaughter, ,age 11, b.FL
_________George D., son, b.22, b.FL
_________Smoky, son, age 20, b.FL
__________Cecil, son, 1ge 19, b.FL
_________France, son, age 16, b.FL

Desoto county, FL. Fort Ogden-district 12
Tippins, Ed, head, age 42, b.FL
_____Annie, wife,42, b.FL-(added note: Annie Daughtrey
_____Claxton, son, age 19, b.FL
_____Cassie, daughter, age 15, b.FL
_____Loretta (?), daughter, age 1, b.FL

Desoto County, Fl. District 12, Fort Ogden
Fort, Henry, head, age 42, b.FL
____ Ethel, wife, age 32,b.Fl( added note: Ethel Daughtrey
____ Malcum, son, age 16, b.Fl
____Mollie, daughter, age 12, b.FL
_____Jefferson, son, age 4, b.FL

Fort Ogden, Desoto County, FL. District 12
Daughtrey, Julius, head, age 23, b.FL
________ Palma, wife, age 20, b.Fl.


Us Census- Punta Gorda, Charlotte County, FL.
Daughtrey, Morris, head, age 34, b.FL
_________ Ruth, wife, age 32, b.Fl
_________ Gerald, son, age 11, b.FL.

U.S.Census- Nocatee, Desoto County, FL. district 13
Daughtrey, Arthur W. head, age 75(?), b.TN. abt.1855  -Mail
                                messenger for the railroad.

 1935 Florida State census - Collier County, Precinct 8, Ochopee


!935 Florida State census - Collier County, Precinct 8, Ochopee
Daughtrey, Henry W., 55, b. Fl. State Road Dept. Employee
________. Floyd, 54, b. FL. housewife
________, Wm. H., 32, b. FL.
________, Celia, -, b. FL.
________, Arthur, 18, b. FL
________, Chas, 16, b. FL.
Albritton, O.B., 30
_______, Mrs. Ethel, 24, b. FL.
_______, Laverne, 6, b. FL
_______, Williard, 6, b. FL.
Dampier, Len, 41
_______, Mrs. Beatrice, 30, b. FL
_______, Luranne, 11, b. FL.
_______, Earl, 6, b. FL
_______, Raymond, 6, b. FL.


1921 - 1927 Voters List - Precinct No.10, Citrus Center, Glades County, FL.

 From The History of Glades County, Florida,, copyright 1985.

 1921-1927 Voters List, Precinct No. 10, Citrus Center North

Adolph H. Bernhardt
Pauline Bernhardt
Amelia Bernhardt
Harry Cromer
Isom and Bessie E. Deese
E.S. and Mary Frey
Sweet Peeples
Louise Portebeouf
Renee Portbeouf
Jessie Taylor and wife Nancy
A. Vandetuoli and wife Mary
J.W.Whidden and wife Wibby
Wagner, Mrs. Allie
Wagner, Elize
Wissweares, A.E. and wife Annie
V.O.Whidden and wife
Fred E. Whidden and wife
1921-1927 Voters List, Precinct No. 10, Citrus Center
J.H. Buschussen
Ella Bishop
J.R.Brown and wife
G.W. Bryant
Mrs. M.J.Bryant
C.J.Birge and wife
H.E.Bryant and wife
W.L.Bryant, Jr. and wife
W.L.Cross and wife
Henry Daughtry
Thos. S. Curry
Floyd Daughtry
G.W.Degolyer and wife
C.J.Easterly and wife
R.A.Earl; O.A.Earl
R.C.McKenney and wife Sarah
C.W.McAllister and wife Rosa
F.W.Myers and wife Pearl
W.R.Preston and wife
George C. Prescott and wife Polly
Porteboeuf, E.A. and wife Olive
Randall,H.E. and wife
Porter Richards and wife Lillian
F.Schauer and wife
J.A.Sparks and wife
D.E.Smith and wife
R.A.Townsend and wife
W.R. Townsend and wife
J.A.Walker and wife Lydia
Frank West
T.L.Williams and wife Eliza
L.R.Williams and wife Juanita
Tom Williams and wife
Thos. F. Williams and wife Maude


Williams Census Records
1820- Bryan County, Ga.
       ( Heads of Households)
        1.James Williams
        2.Thomas williams
        3.William Williams
        4.Mrs.Helener Williams

1830- Bryan County, Ga. Census
        (Heads of households)
       1.James Williams, 40-50
       2.Bartenis Williams
       3.William Williams, 40-50
       4.Thomas Williams, 20-30

1850- Census Records Columbia County, FL.
Roland Williams, 36, farmer, b.Ga.
Anne_________, 26, b.FL
John _________,12, b. FL
Mary A.J. ______,9, b.FL
Nathan _________5, b.FL
Simion _________4,b.FL
Martha__________ 3, b.Fl
George_________ 1, b.FL

1860-Census-Manatee County, Town Sub-Division
Roland Williams, head, 46, farmer, b.Ga.
Anne___________35, b.Ga
James__________, 17,b.FL
Martha_________, 15, b.FL
Nathan_________ 13,B.FL
Simion__________13,b.FL( note: same age as Nathan?)
Andrew__________ 2,b.FL
William__________4/12 b.FL

1870 Census, Mellonville, Orange Co, FL.
Nathanial Williams, age 27, Farm laborer, b.Fl.
Celia __________. age 22, b.FL.Keeps house

1870 Orange County, FL. Division 17, Orlando PO
Williams, George, age 20, farm laborer, b. Ga (?)
_______Anna, 45, keeping house, b.Ga
________Andrew, 13, b.Ga. (?)
________ Rebecca, 8, b.FL
_________Thomas, 7, b.FL
_________Memphis, 5, b.FL

1880 Polk County, FL Precinct 2
Nathan Williams, 35, laborer, b.FL
Celah ________  30, wife, keeps house, b.FL. (note: Celia
James_________9,son, b.FL
Caroline_______ 7, daughter, b.Fl
John__________4, son, b.FL
Floyd__________1, daughter, b.FL. (Note: Sarah Floyd
Allis(?)_________13, Niece, b.FL

1910 Fort Ogden, Desoto County, FL. Dist.8
Williams, Nathan K., head, 65, b.FL ,farmer, father b.Ga, mother b.FL
________Celia, wife, 56, b.Fl. father b.Ga, mother b.Ga
________Leon, son, 21, b.FL
________ Effie, daughter, 19, b.Fl
________Eva, daughter, 14, b.FL

1920 Lee County, FL. Alva, District 106
Williams, Nathan K., head, 75
_______, Celia, wife, 66
________,Joseph L.son, 30, single
Glisson, Eva C., daughter, 23, widow
_______Althea N., grandaughter, age 5
_______ Ottis N, grandson, age 3