My Florida Roots



                  Cale Howard Jones

 Cale Howard Jones was born in 1902 in Pickens County, Ga. the son of James Jacob S. Jones " Jake" & Mary Catherine ( Stepp) Jones. He spent the first years of his life in Jasper, Ga. along with his brothers Stephen Allison and Jesse and his sister Ethel. His father James mostly worked in the mines around Northern Georgia, and did some carpentry work also. His mother Mary Catherine spent her time as all mothers did back then, at home raising their children. .
   When Cale was fourteen years old, in 1916, he and his family moved to Alabama. While living there, his father James worked at Fort McClelland, an army base near Jacksonville, Alabama, building housing for the soldiers to live in.
    About 1922, Cale and his family left Alabama and moved to Naples, Florida. His father James had taken a job to help build the now famous Tamiami Trail that runs between Naples and Miami, Florida. He also helped to survey and build the bridges that dot the Trail along the way.
  ( Note:Much has been written over the years about the making of the Tamiami Trail, and it is a very interesting part of the history of Collier County.)
    Cale and his brothers helped work on the Trail also, until Cale was offered a new job when Naples was incorperated in Aug.1924. Cale was appointed a town Marshall. At that time, the only jail Naples had was located in what the town's folk called the " Paw Paw" patch, a small building located between Crayton Cove and the Old Naples Hotel.
    When the office of Police Chief was created, Cale was appointed as it's first Police Chief. He was a happy, easy going man who loved his work, and he was well respected by everyone who knew him. He worked as the Police chief for 31 years, until his retirement in 1958.
    Cale met his wife Alice Louise ( Lowery) Jones in Naples when she and her family were in Naples on a vacation. She and Cale met on the old Naples Pier. They were married on Christmas Day Dec.25,1927, in Biloxi, Ms. The Reverand E.A.DeMiller officiatiated. Miss Lameys Hunt was a witness. Alice's grandmother, Mrs. William R. Burdine stood with her.
    Alice was born March 1911 in Jackson, Ms. She was the daughter of Rufus Lowery and Ruby ( Burdine) Lowery. Alice came from a very large family, most of whose decendants are still living in Mississippi today, in and around the Biloxi area. Cale and Alice were married until Cale's death in 1966, a period of 41 years.
   Cale passed away on Aug.2, 1966 at his home at 144 10th Ave, South in Naples, Fl. He died quietly in his sleep. His funeral drew a huge crowd of people from the surrounding areas of Naples and Fort Myers, friends and family, and the Naples Police Department. Cale was respected by all who knew him. Alice passed away nine years later on Jan.11,1975 at the age of 64. Before her death, she was briefly married to her second husband Johnnie Kimbrell. She and Cale are both buried a short distance apart, in Naples Memorial Gardens, in Naples, Fl. Alice is buried under her 2nd husband's name Kimbrell.
    At the time of their deaths, they left two sons, Cale H Jones Jr -aka Howard Cale Jones "Buster",  and Charles Edward " ED" Jones and six grandchildren.

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                                                                Edward Robert Newell


Edward Robert Newell, 1840/41 NC- 1926 FL.


                                                           Edward Robert Newell

                                                   A Biography

      Edward Robert Newell , was born abt.1840/41 in Cumberland County, NC. When he
was 20 years old he enlisted and fought in the Civil War for the South. He enlisted on 5/29/1861 in Cumberland County as a private. He mustered into "C" company, NC 3rd infantry. ( his date & method of discharge is not known.)Edward was taken prisoner and listed as a POW on 5/14/1864 at Spotsylvania Courthouse, Va.  Hewas confined on 5/14/1864 at Point Lookout, Md., then on 8/10/1864 was transferred to Elmira Civil War Camp in New York. He was released on 1/16/1865.
After the war, Edward made his way back to North Carolina to Charity Ann Wright whom he met before he enlisted in the war. They were married on Dec.22, 1863 in Cumberland County, N.C.The family migrated to Seattle Washington in 1873 where their son Bryant Newell was born. By 1875 the family had migrated to Texas where the rest of heir children were born. After 1882 the family migrated on to Marco Island, Florida, where they remained for many years. Edward found the tropical climate and the isolation of the island the perfect place to relax and put memories of  war behind him. At that time, the only way on and off the island was by boat. This  beautiful and peaceful island quickly became "home" to the Newell family.

    Although Edward survived the Civil War and went on to father a large family and to make a good life for his wife and children on Marco Island, he never really got over the horrors of the war or the conditions he survived at the Elmira Prisoners of War Camp in Elmira, New York. Eventually, this affected his mind to the point that  he was admitted to the Florida State Hospital in Chattahoochee Florida where he remained until his death in 1926. He is buried on the hospital grounds there.  Charity (Wright) Newell had seperated from Edward a few years earlier and returned to North Carolina where she passed away on Jan.13,1924  at the home of her son Ashford Newell in Guilford County, NC.

Note: The family story goes that Edward, with wife Charity Ann and their children,
traveled from Texas to Marco Island by boat, following the coastline.

                                       Family info as follows:

Edward Robert Newell, born approx.1840-1841 probably Cumberland Co, N.C.
Died: 1926 FL.- Son of Bryant Newell & Edith Harris.of NC.
Married: Charity Ann Wright on Dec 22,1863 in Cumberland Co, N.C.
( source; North Carolina marriage bonds 1741-1868 )
   Charity Died: High Point, N.C.
She was the daughter of Hiram Wright and Sarah Bowden of Cumberland County, NC.
Children of Edward Robert Newell & Charity ( Wright ) Newell: 

1.Ashford Newell
  Born:1868 Lumberton County, NC
  Died: May 26,1944 High Point, Guilford County, NC

  Married: 1. Eudora Reynolds in 1888 NC -- 2. Nannie Hiatt in 1925 NC

2.Bryant Newell
  Born: July 23,1873 Seattle, Washington
  Died: April 6,1959 Fort Myers, Lee co, Fl . age 82
  Buried: Fort Myers Cem. Fort Myers, Lee Co, FL.
     Source- copy death certificate
  Occupation: Contractor & builder
  Fought in Spanish American War-
  Married: Daidie Byard on Oct.13,1898 in Chattanooga, TN..
       ( Daidie was b.July 13,1882 Haley Station, TN.-- d. Oct.12,1953 Fort
         Myers, Lee Co, Fl-- Father, Robert M. Byard- Mother, Jolly__?     
  Children: 1 Ashford Newell
                2.Robert Newell
                3.Dock Newell
                4.Bryant Newell Jr, born:1899-Died: 1970
                   Married: Nettie Williams on Oct.22,1918

3 Charity Newell
  Born: April 11, 1875 in Texas ( this is birthdate listed on death
  Died: Feb.4,1962 in Fort Myers, Lee Co, FL.
  Married: Albert Benjamin Addison on June 13, 1894 in Lee Co, FL.

4.Hyram Newell
  Born: ( death cert. says Sept.16,1878 Texas )
  Died: Feb.4,1970 in Avon Park, Highlands Co, Fl. Hillcrest Nursing Home
  Permenant Home address was Fort Myers, Lee Co, FL.
  Buried: Marco Cemetery, Marco Island, FL.on Feb 9, 1970
         Source- copy of death certificate
         Occupation- fishing guide
  Married: Abbie Weese on Aug.6,1908 in Lee co, Fl.
   Recorded Marriage Book 2, pg.203  ( No children)

5.Dorinda Dirinda Newell
  Born: May 25, 1877 Texas
  Died: Dec.18,1925 Lee co, Fl. district #2501-Precinct 25107
  Buried: Fort Myers Cem. Lee co, FL.
     Source. copy of death certificate.
  Married: 1 Richard Sawyer "Uncle Dick Sawyer"on Sept.9,1896 Lee Co, FL.
                 Recorded Book 2,pg.34
                  2.Ed. Daniels in Florida

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                                                        Albert Benjamin Addison


Albert Benjamin Addison 1870 - 1954

                                                                                Albert Benjamin Addison

                                                                             April 15,1870 - June 8,1954

                             A Biography as told by Margaret Sessions, a great grandaughter


Albert Benjamin Addison was born in Portsea, Hampshire,England in 1870 to Richard Addison and Ruth Elizabeth Foster.

Richard was a career Royal Navy Boatswains mate retiring after 36 years and Ruth was a  housewife

  Albert was the 2nd boy in a family of 6, all were educated very well. His elder brother, Richard came to the United States first and settled in the Kissimmee, Florida area and waited for the other brothers to get old enough to come over.

  Albert arrived at Ellis Island in 1888 with his younger brother, Joseph in tow. They ventured down to Kissimmee to where big brother was living and stayed a short time.

  I understand there was a disagreement between Albert and Richard because Richard wanted the younger Joseph to stay with him and Albert wanted him with him. I do not know if Joseph had a say in the matter, that was never mentioned.

  Albert and Joseph came down the eastcoast of Florida and crossed over about Alva and must have caught the river mail boat(the best way to get anywhere back then) that went thru to Marco Island.

  While on Marco, Albert met Charity Newell who's father had settled around there with her siblings, and he married Charity in 1894. I don't know anything about their courtship but she was a tiny person and her father was a Civil War veteran. He fought for the south and was taken prisoner to Elmira, NY yankee prison till the end of the war.

  This is a bit off from Albert, but it ties in with him and Charity. Ed Newell and Charity Wright Newell traveled from NC to Washington Territory and back down to Texas where Charity Newell was born. They later came to Florida and settled in the 10,000 islands where they were what was considered squatters.

It is told that Albert eloped with Charity to Key West where they were married, but, that is just heresay, but they did marry in 1894 in Lee county and their first child was born April 3,1895, Albert  Bryant Addison.

  Albert Benjamin was a farmer, a barber and a dentist. Back in those days the barbers usually acted as dentists too, especially in out of the way places such as Marco Island.

Albert was blind in one eye when younger because a soda bottle cork exploded out of the bottle and hit him in the eye and he lost sight in that eye. He later became blind in the other eye due to  glaucoma.

  Albert homesteaded 165 acres on Marco Island which is on record. He wanted to plant pineapples and mango's and I am told avacados also. This part is heresay too, but I do know he could not grow anything on the land he had, so he traded the acreage to Mr. Collier for an island of some size and on this island he built a house, with a basement (unheard of in Florida but not in England). I presume he used oystershell and water to grind up and make a cement mix for this.

  I didn't know Grandpa very well, but I know he lived with Albert and Laura, better known to me as Granny and Papa for a few years after leaving Marco, I think due to his blindness and having to go to the doctors in Tampa. Charity stayed on Marco in their house for a few years till she couldn't take care of herself and she moved in with their daughter, Annie Howard.

  I remember a bit about their house on Marco, it had a big cistern out back, at the time I didn't know it was the only fresh water supply they had and thought it would make a great swimming pool. I didn't go in swimming because I can't swim and I would not have had happy people around me had I done that.

The house was a little frame house, 3 rooms, and a front porch with a swing and some kind of tree at the end of the porch that had such delicious fruit on it, but they would only let me have a little bit if one was ripe. I believe it was called a sugar apple or something like that, just remember it was sweet.

  Down the street Aunt Annie lived in a house with Uncle Ira. I only visited there a couple times that I can remember, but, the houses were close enough that if someone needed something there would be someone within hollering distance. Aunt Annie's house was to me, big. It had a porch all the way around on 2 sides with swings.

  Grandpa, Albert Benjamin Addison, soon came to live full time with Albert Bryant and Laura in Fort Myers and he sold shell rights to Fort Myers Shell Company. The oyster shells were used back then to build roads and parking lots under the tarmac. This gave them an income as with Grandma living with Aunt Annie and Grandpa living with Papa, there was no social security back then, helped them to have money to spend and buy medicines and such. I do not remember if they got what they called “old age pension” checks, but I don't believe Grandpa did because he was a naturalized citizen.

  Grandpa would walk around the house, Papa put up ropes all through the house to help Grandpa walk because he could not see and they didn't want him to stumble. Every morning Grandpa had oatmeal with raisen bran on it, no milk as he did not like milk I was told when I asked why. He had his special spot at the head of the table with Papa on one side and Granny on the other side.

   Papa had brought up the trundle bed from Marco for Grandpa to sleep on and his rocking chair which was a platform rocker. I loved sitting in it.

  When I was young Grandpa would give me a dollar every time I spelled February right because he thought learning to spell was the best thing you could do and of course people pronounced February as febuary. He was very good with the language since he had been educated in England and we would sit on the front porch and read the funnies. I would spell the words I didn't know and he would tell me what they were, this is how I learned to read better than I did in school.

  I remember going to the movies and seeing the coronation of Queen Elizabeth and Grandpa asked me about it, but I couldn't tell him much, I guess because I didn't pay that much attention to the movie, but he said, and I will always remember and wish I had told him more “she is my Queen you know”, so I guess his heart was always in England.

  In 1954 he became very ill, Granny took care of him, he was in the living room and had a cathether, I didn't know what was wrong, but knew it wasn't good. Then, they took him to the hospital and he never came back. He passed away in Lee Memorial Hospital and was buried in the Marco Cemetery where Charity Newell Addison is also buried, along with James, the youngest brother who had a heart attack and fell overboard while fishing off Marco with Papa. There are several family members in that cemetery.

  After he passed away, in 1954, Grandma lived till 1962 when she passed away. The island, due to the dredging of the shell, had been cut in to 2 islands. Fort Myers Shell Company purchased the island from the children of Albert and Charity and they named the larger piece Albert Island and the smaller one Charity Island and they are in Addison Bay.

  I understand the foundation for the house Grandpa built is still there, or was about 15 years ago, but could be gone by now, but the islands stand as a monument to a man that ventured far from home for a better life.

  These are my memories/ramblings of life with Albert Benjamin Addison. I did not know he had a middle name till I asked because he never said it nor used it. I asked Uncle Chester, one of his sons, if he had a middle name and he told me it was Benjamin.

  These are just some ramblings of memory and fact. Albert had 2 other brothers, George and James who also came to the United States. I never knew about James till I started the geneology or George either. I have traced George from Portsea to Australia and back to the USA, but do not know where he went from there.

  Joseph apparently came to this area and he married a woman named Josephine who had several children. She had been married to the famous Mr. Watson that is written about in books till she married Uncle Joseph. Both are buried in the Fort Myers Cemetery I am told.

                                                                                                                                   Copyright 2009 Margaret Sessions


                                                         Ira Francis Howard  1893 - 1952


                                                                     Ira Francis Howard

Ira Francis Howard was born Jun 16,1893 in Arcadia, Desoto County, Florida. He died Sept 13,1952 in Collier County, Florida. He is buried in Marco Island Cemetery, Collier County, Florida. He was the son of  Francis Marion Howard and Martha Barton.
He married 1. Rosa L Hall on Dec.1912 in Desoto County, Florida. .
He married 2. Annie Ruth Addison on Jan.24,1924 in Collier County, Florida. Annie was the daughter of Albert Benjamin Addison and Charity (Newell) Addison of Marco Island, FL.                                                                                                                                                                                 Annie was born Jul 27,1899 in Marco Island,Florida, and died Jan 28,1982 in Naples, Collier County, Florida. She is buried in Marco Island Cemetery, Collier County, Florida.
                                          Children of Ira Francis Howard & Annie Addison
1.Ira Francis Howard Jr.,born: March 14,1925 in Collier County, Florida - died July 21,2003 Collier County, FL.
 2.Gwendolyn Howard, born: June 23,1928 in Collier County, Florida  - died Dec.31,2004 Denton, Texas. --buried Marco Island Cem. Collier County, FL.- married( Living )Bowers
 3. Wilbur Harold Howard born. May 26,1930 in Marco Island, Collier County, Florida -- died March 5,2005 Fort Myers, FL. -- buried Fort Myers Memorial Garden, Lee County, FL.
 4. Lettie Howard, b abt.1934 in Collier County, Florida -- married _________Norvelle 
 5. Lois Howard, b: March 4,1938 in Collier County, Florida - -married ________ Crews____




                                                                                        Descendants of

                                                           Marion Francis Howard & Martha (Barton) Howard
  Francis Marion Howard was born Oct.7,1851 in Hillsborough County, FL. - He died on Aug.6,1925 in Desoto County, FL.
Francis married: Martha Barton on Oct.5,1876 FL.
Children of Francis Marion Howard & Martha
1.Thomas J.Howard, born July 15,1877 FL. - died July 15, 1959 Desoto County, FL.-- He married Ada Richards on Aug.5,1900 Desoto County, FL.
 2.Cora A.Howard, born abt.1880 FL - died Moore Haven, FL.(?) - married John Hendry on Aug.12,1873 FL.
 3.R.E.Howard, born 1885 FL
 4.Lawrence Howard, born abt.1888 FL. - died 1954 Desoto County, FL. -- Married Esther Hadley on 1915 Desoto County, FL.
 5.Florence "Florrie"? Howard, born ? FL. - Feb.16,1974 FL. - Married 1. - married 2.-  Married 3rd William McCullough on March 10,1908 Desoto County, FL.
 6..Walter Howard, born ? - died Oct.1954 Lee County, FL.
7.Ira Francis Howard was born Jun 16,1893 in Arcadia, Desoto County, Florida. He died Sept 13,1952 in Collier County, Florida. He is buried in Marco Island Cemetery, Collier County, Florida. 
He married 1. Rosa L Hall on Dec.1912 in Desoto County, Florida. .
He married 2. Annie Ruth Addison on Jan.24,1924 in Collier County, Florida. Annie was the daughter of Albert Benjamin Addison and Charity (Newell) Addison of Marco Island,FL.  Annie was born Jul 27,1899 in Marco Island,Florida, and died Jan 28,1982 in Naples, Collier County, Florida. She is buried in Marco Island Cemetery, Collier County, Florida.
  Children of Ira Francis Howard & Annie Addison
      #1.Ira Francis Howard Jr.,born: March 14,1925 in Collier County, Florida - died July 21,2003 Collier County, FL.
      #2.Gwendolyn Howard, born: June 23,1928 in Collier County, Florida  - died Dec.31,2004   Denton, Texas. --buried Marco Island Cem. Collier County, FL.- married( Living )Bowers
      #3. Wilbur Harold Howard born. May 26,1930 in Marco Island, Collier County, Florida -- died March 5,2005 Fort Myers, FL. -- buried Fort Myers Memorial Garden, Lee County, FL. 
      #4. Living Howard  
      #5. Living Howard
 8.Mary Bell Howard, born Jan12,1896 Desoto County, FL. - died June 27, 1967 Bartow, Polk County, FL. -- buried Wildwood Cemetery.- Married James Daniels -
 9.Loren Wright Howard, born May 18,1898 FL. - died Aug.25,1966 Arcadia, Desoto County, FL.- Married Myrtle Addison. (Myrtle was born Aug.25,1908 Desoto County, FL.)




                  James Graziano & Alice (Addison) Grazian

    James Graziano was born 1901/03 in Naples, Italy.-- He died in 1965 in Jamica, Plain, Massachusetts.
He was the son of Gabriel Graziano and Carmella Ruccio of Italy.
James was the owner of a Gloucester Trucking Company and was retired at the time of his death.
He is buried in Oak Grove Cem. Medford, Ma.
James married Alice Addison on Nov.1,1926 in Labelle, Hendry County, FL.
She was born 1901 in Marco Island,FL. & died 1987 Holbrook, MA.- buried Oak Grove Cem. Medford, Ma.
Alice was the daughter of Albert Benjamin Addison and Charity (Newell) Addison of Marco Island, FL.
          Children of James Graziano & Alice (Addison) Graziano
1.Albert L.Graziano, born  - died
   Married: Janet Interrant, born Nov.19,1934 Boston, Ma. - died March 12,1993 Ma.
 2.James Graziano. born Feb.23,1928 Ma. - died Dec.29,1994 Boston, Ma.
   Married: Living Robinson
 3.William Graziano, born Nov.21,1929 Boston, Ma. - died April 4,1999 in Revere,Suffolk, Ma.
 4.Charles Graziano, born June 17,1931 Marco Island, FL.- died May 29,1997 Anaheim, Orange, Ca.
 5.Joseph Graziano, born 1933 Ma. - died May 16,1979 Chelsea
   Married: Living Viola
 6.Carol Graziano, born 1942 Boston, Ma. - ded 1958 Medford, Ma. from injuries resulting from an auto accident.



                               Mildred E. Brazile & Richard Duane Addison

   Mildred Eleanor Brazile was born July 20,1913 in Geneva County, Al. - she died on May 2,1988 in Naples, Collier County, FL.
She is buried in Naples Memorial Gardens in Naples, FL.
She was the daughter of James W.Brazile, b.1870 AL.and Ella (Kilcrease) Brazile, b.1878 Crenshaw County, AL.
(census 1920 Gilmore, AL. - 1930 Marco Island, Collier County, FL.)
Mildred married : 1. Capt.Herman Helveston on July 17,1930 in Lee County, FL.
                         2. Richard Duane Addison in 1933 Collier County, FL.
                             Richard was born April 19, 1904 Marco Island, FL. -died Sept.11,1987 Hendry County, FL.
                             Buried in Naples Memorial Gardens, Naples, FL.
                             He was the son of Albert Benjamin Addison & Charity (Newell) Addison of Marco,.FL.
Children of Richard Duane Addison & Mildred Brazile
 1.Living Female Addison, married living Whitsett
 2.Richard Duane Addison Jr., born Aug.14,1934 Marco Island, Collier County, FL.
   Married Alice Loraine Hatchel on July 1959 Collier County, FL. -vol.1819 - Cert.#19270
 3.James Frederick Addison, born Oct.8,1936 Marco Island, FL. - died Nov.9,1991 Homestead, Dade County, FL.
   buried Palms Memorial Park Cem.Dade County, FL.
   Married Agnes Pearl Putnam.
 4.Living Female Addison , Married Living Rhoden
 5.Living male Addison



 Abbie Weese --1894 - 1972



                                                  Descandants of Edward D.Weese & Ellen S.(Shirley) Weese
Edward Duncan Weese was born Aug.20,1864 in Randolfp County, West Virginia.
He married Ellen Delona Shirley on May 17,1891 Desoto County, FL.- Ellen was born Oct. 1877 in Hernano County, FL.
(they are listed in the 1900 census for precinct 7 in Lee County, FL - 1910 census for Everglades City in Lee County, FL.)
Children of Edward Duncan Weese & Ellen Shirley
1.Abbie Weese, born Oct.12,1894 Goodland Point, Lee county, FL. - died ? Dec.16,1972 Costa Rica
   married 1.Hyram Newell on Aug.6,1908 Lee County, FL.
                 Hyram was the son of Edward Robert Newell and Charity (Wright) Newell of Marco, FL.
   married 2.Zachary Thomas Hand. He was born Feb.24,1873 Buena Vista, Marion County, GA. --  died Dec.16,1942 Costa Rica. -- He was              son of Zachery Hand & Ann (Livingston )Hand of Talbot County,Ga.
2 William Bryant Weese, born Oct.29,1896 Palmetto, Manatee County, FL.- died Feb.15,1977 Key West, Monroe County, FL.
   married: Josie Katherine Bostick on Nov.18,1921 Lee County, FL.
3.Sidney Weese, born Aug.31,1898 Lee County, FL. - died March 13, 1993 Fort Myers, Lee County, FL.-
   buried: Alva Cemetery in Lee County, FL.
   married 1.Minnie Gardner on Feb.26,1920 Lee County, FL.
   married 2. Ernestine Ruth Johnson in 1939 Lee county, FL.
4.Edna Weese, born Aug.12, 1904 Marco Island, FL. - died March 21, 1979 Fort Myers, FL.
   married 1.Alexander Keller on Oct.10,1920 Lee county, FL.
   married 2,Clyde C.Peters in 1930 Lee County, FL - cert.# 11877
   married 3.Walter Madison Howell on Oct.6,1940 Charlotte County, FL.-Cert.#23698
5.Edward D.Weese. born abt.1908 Lee County, FL.
6.Bertha M.Weese, born Sept.20,1910 Fakahatchee Island, FL. - died July 6,2003 Fort Myers, Lee County, FL.
   married 1. Ernest G. middleton
   married 2.Lucious A.Brown in 1939 Charlotte County, FL.
   married 3.John McNeill Jackson in 1943 Charlotte County, FL. Cert.# 18552




                                                                                          Descendants of
                                                                        John D. Collins & Elizabeth (Carney) Collins
     John D.Collins was born March1845 in Ireland. The names of his parents are as yet unknown, but we do know they were both born in Ireland. John immigrated to the United States abt. 1861 or 1862.
He married Elizabeth (maiden Karny or Carney)) on Oct.16,1875 Brown Co, Wisconsin..  According to the 1900 census of Brown County, Wisconsin, Elizabeth was born in 1855 Wisconsin. Both her parents were born in Ireland. (Note: according to the 1900 census, John and Elizabeth were the parents of 9 children, 7 still living.) They are also listed in the 1910 Wisconsin census.
Children of John D.Collins & Elizabeth
3.Kate Collins, born Sept.1885 Wisconsin,
4.Michael Collins, born July 8,1885/86 Wisconsin - died April 24,1979 in Naples, Collier County,FL.
   married: Vivian Crowley on June 23,1915 in Chicago, Cook County, Ill. She was born abt.1893 Illinois. - died 1965 Naples, Collier   County, FL. She was the daughter of John and Ann Crowley of Chicago.(both parents born in Canada)
      Children of Michael Collins & Vivian Crowley 
   #1. Ann Collins, born April 14,1916 Cook County, Ill. - died Oct.5,1999 Cook County, Ill. -- Married Edward J."Ed" Gallo. Ed was born April 28,1911 - died March 17,2001 Berwyn, Cook County, Ill.
             Children: #1 Jim Gallo, b.Ill - #2.Dennis Gallo, b.Ill - #3.Edward Gallo.b.Ill
   #2.John "Jack" Collins, born 1919/1921 Cook County, Ill.
   #3.Harold Thomas Collins, born May.4,1920 Cook County, Ill. - died Aug.4,1973 Dade county Florida. -last residence was Naples, Collier County, FL. -- married Delorez Oberien.
             Children #1.Linda Collins, born Florida -- #2. Brent William Collins., born Florida.- died Florida
   #4.Joseph Michael Collins, born May 24,1925 Chicago,Cook county, Ill.- died Feb 4,2002 Clewiston, Hendry County, FL.
     married : living spouse -
              Children Collins (also 2 living stepchildren)
5.John Collins Jr., born 1886 Wisconsin
6.Elanore (Nora) Collins, born Nov.1890 Wisconsin
7.Julia Collins, born 1895 Wisconsin
Vivian Collins 1892 Illinois -- 1965 Collier County, FL.
Vivian Collins, Nee Crowley, Naples, FL., formerly of Berwyn and Riverside Illinois, beloved wife of Michael; loving mother of Ann Gallo, Harold and Joseph Collins; dear sister of Irene Menard, fond grandmother of five.
Visitation at Kuratko Funeral Home, 25th and Desplaines, Riverside, Friday, 7 to 10 p.m.
Internment Saturday, 11 am,Mount Carmel Cem. Hi 7-2500
Naples Daily News
Mon.June 25,1973
Mrs. Dolorez F.Collins
Mrs. Delores F.Collins of 366 Central ave, died Sunday at her home. She was a native of Illinois and had been a Naples resident for the past 24 years.
She was the co-owner of Sea Treasures Gift Shop, a member of St. Ann Catholic Church, she was listed in American Woman's "Whose Who."
She is survived by one daughter , Mrs. Linda Wheeler; a son Brent Collins; a sister, Mrs.June Praisil; and her mother, Mrs. Mildred Oberien, and one grandchild, Shannon, all of Naples.
Funeral services will be held at graveside, Naples Memorial Gardens, Wednesday at 10 am with Father Thomas Goggin of St. Ann Catholic Church officiating.
Friends may call Tuesday, 7-9 pm, at Pittman's Naples Chapel, 850 6th Avenue North.
Pall bearers will be Sam Leiser, Archie Turner, Victor Vail, Ira Capelle, Morrie Lee, and Ed Chlumsky.
Naples Daily News
Section 3 A - Death Notices
Harold T.Collins
Harold T. Collins, 53, of 425 second Ave,S, died Saturday, Aug.4,at the V.A. Hospital in Miami.
He had been a Naples resident for the past 25 years, coming from Riverdale, Illinois.
He is survived by one son,Brent;a daughter, Mrs.Linda Wheeler, his father Michael; one brother Joseph M.,and a granddaughter, Shannon Wheeler, all of Naples, and one sister , Mrs.Ann Gallo of Berwyn, Ill.
Friends may call at the Earl G.Hodges Funeral Chapel Wednesday from 6 to 8 PM.where Father Dominick O'Dwyer of St.Ann Catholic Church will conduct scripture services at 8 p.m.
Commital services will be conducted Thursday at 10 pm at Naples Memorial Gardens.



   Descendants of Thomas Strickland

 1.Thomas  Strickland b.14 June 1845 Whigham, Ga. 
        d.Jan.5,1929 Climax, Decatur County, Ga.
        Married; Aurelia "Millie" Jones m. 26 July 1869
        Census records: 1860 Decatur, Ga - 1870 Decatur, Ga.
        1900 Decatur Ga, - 1910 Decatur Ga,- 1920 Decatur Ga,
        1945 Fort Myers, Lee County, FL.
        Children of Thomas S. Strickland and Millie:
            1.Zora Bable Strickland,b.July 5,1870 Decatur, Ga.
               d.Dec.31,1953 Fort Myers, Lee County, FL.
               Zora is buried in Beulah Thomas Cem. Decatur County, Ga.
               married: Sarah Cornelia.Sasser (Maola?) on April 3, 1888 Decatur, Ga.
               Census Records: 1900 Ga - 1910 Grady,Ga. - 1920 Climax, Ga.
               1945 Fort Myers,Lee County, FL.
               Children of Zora B.Strickland and Sarah:
                    1.Minnie Strickland, b.March 10,1889 Ga.
                     d.Aug.21,1978 Fort Myers, FL.
                     Married: Ira Pipkin b.1885 - d. 1968 Fort Myers, FL.
                    2.Delma Strickland, b.1890 Ga.
                    3.Murphy D. Strickland,b.1891 Ga. - d.1977 Bainbridge, Ga.
                    4.Maude Strickland, b. July 11,1893 Ga.
                      d.March 3,1996 Fort Myers,Lee County FL.
                    5.Ben Hill Strickland, b. 1895 Ga.
                      d.1992 Bainbridge, Ga.
                      Married: Vera Lee (Uknown)
                    6.Clifford Mildred Strickland,b.1898 Ga. - 
                      d.1975 Leon County, FL.
                    7.Francis Louise Strickland, b.1900 ga.
                       d.May 19, 1994 Cape Coral, Lee County, FL.
                       married: Henry Johnson,b. 1899 - 1971
                    8.George T. Strickland, b.1903 Ga.
                       d.1976 Charlston, S.C.
                    9.Mallie Strickland, b.1905 Ga.
                       d.1998 Titisville, Brevard County, FL.
                   10 J.B. Strickland, b.abt. 1907
                   11.Maide L. Strickland, b. 1909 Ga.
                       d.2004 Fort Myers, Lee County, FL.
                   12.Vertner Strickland,b.1912 Ga.
                        d.1912 Ga.-buried Beulah Thomas Ce. Decatur, Ga.
            2.Cornelius Strickland,b.Dec.5,1872 Decatur county, Ga.
               d.July 20,1940 Lee County, FL. - buried Fort Myers Cem.
               married: Nellie Spooner,b.1881 - d.1945 -
               marriage date March 4, 1904 in Decatur County, Ga
               Census Records: 1910 Climax, Decatur, Ga.- 1920 Climax, Decatur, Ga.
               1930 Fort Myers, Lee County, Ga.
               Children of Cornelius Strickland and Nellie: 
                    4.Norman Strickland,b.abt.1905
                    5.Amelia Strickland,b.abt.1907
                    6.Daniel Strickland,b.1908 abt.
                    7.Cornelius Hampton Strickland,b.March 10,1909 Ga. -
                      d.Nov.7,1983 Hillsborough County, FL.
                    8.Amanda Jean Strickland,b.1910 Bainbridge, Ga.
                      d.Feb.12,1991 Tampa, Hillsborough County, FL.
                       married: Oral Earl Chammers,b.1904
                    9.Mary Strickland,b.1910 Bainbridge, Ga.
                   10.Lola Frieda Strickland,b.June 8,1923 Bainbridge, Ga.
                       d.July 14,2000 Tampa. Hillsborough, FL.
                       Married: Oliver Smith Collins,b.1924 -d.1974
                   11 Olga Strickland, b.abt.1914 Ga.
                   12.Bertie Strickland, b.abt.1918 Ga.
            3.Delia Strickland,b.Jan.25,1875 Ga. - d.Nov.21,1918
               Married: Watson Taylor on Feb.13, 1901 in Decatur County, Ga.
               Watson was b.March 15,1868 - d. March 15,1945 Decatur, Ga.
               Delia and Taylor are buried in Beulah Thomas Cemetry in Decatur, Ga.
               Census Records, 1910 Decatur County, Ga. - 1920 Decatur, Ga.
               Children of Watson Taylor and Delia Strickland:
                     1.Vernon Taylor, b. abt.1903 Decatur, Ga.
                        Married: Annie (unknown)
            4.Jabe M. Strickland,b.Sept 16,1877 Ga. - d.Dec.28,1960 Lee County, FL.
               buried in Beulah Thomas Cem. Decatur County, Ga.
               Married Pashie Lee "Posie" Palmer on April 14,1907 Decatur County, Ga.
               Pashie b. March 12,1892 - d.Nov.7,1977 Lee County, FL.
               buried in Beulah Thomas Cem.Decatur County,Ga.
               Census Records: 1910 Climax, Decatur, Ga. - 1920 Climax, Ga. -
               1930 Fort Myers, Lee County, Ga. - 1935 Naples, Collier County, FL.-
               1945 Lee County, FL.
               Children of Jabe Strickland and Pashie Lee "Posie" Palmer
                    1.Virgil "Virgie"Strickland, b.abt.1909 Ga. -
                       d.July 26, 1996 - buried Fort Myers Cem..Lee County, FL.
                       Married: #1. Joe Skinner  - Married #2.Robert Thomas
                     2.Opal Strickland, b. June 10,1910 Decatur, Ga.
                     3 Wilton Strickland, b.Sept,23,1914 Bainbridge, Ga.
                        d.Feb.27,1940 Lee County, FL.
                     4.Levoy (Lavon) Stricklnad, b.Oct.17,1917 Bainbridgem Decatur, Ga.
                       Married: William Henry Addison on May15,1935 Charlotte County, FL. 
                     5.Lorenzo Strickland, b. Nov.27,1919 Bainbridge, Decatur County, Ga.
                       d,March 16,200i Fort Myers, Lee County, FL.
            5.Ollie O.Strickland,b.
            6.Norwood W.Strickland, b.June 22,1882 Ga.
               d.June 28,1943 Lee County, FL.
               buried .Fort Myers Cemetery, Lee County, FL.
               Married: Barbara Palmer,on March 4,1906 in Decatur County, Ga.-
               d.Barbara d.August 17,1979 Collier County FL.,( Bonita Springs Residence).
               buried: Fort Myers Cemeteries(shares stone with husband Norwood)
               Census Records: 1930 Fort Myers, Lee County, FL.
               1900 Climax, Decatur, Ga. - 1910 Climax, Decatur, Ga.
               1920 Climax, Decatur, Ga. - 1935 Fort Myers, Lee County, FL.
               1945 Lee County, FL
               Children of Norwood W. Strickland and Barbara:
                     1.Jewel Strickland,b.May 31,1907 Decatur,Ga.
                       d.Feb.25,2004 Tallahasee, Leon, FL..- Oakland Cem,Leon, FL
                       Married #1.Nelson K.Andrews - #2.Harry B.Smith Oct1966 Lee County, FL
                     2.Vance Strickland,b.Feb.17,1911 Decatur,Ga.
                       d.Sept.13,1982 Collier County, FL. -
                       b.Naples Memorial Gardens, Naples, FL.
                       Married: Hazel Mason Hendricks April 1, 1934 Lee County, FL.
                       Hazel died Sept.24, 1995, buried Naples Memorial Gardens.
                    3.Susie Strickland,b.March 3,1909 Decatur,Ga.
                       d.Oct.1995 Greenwood County, SC (?)
                       Married: Henry kinard in 1927 Lee County, FL.
                    4.Roscoe Strickland,b.June 5,1913 Decatur,Ga,
                       d.June 16,1976 Lee County, FL.
                       b.Fort Myers Memorial Gardens, Fort Myers, FL.
                       Married: Geraldine Humphries in 1941 Lee County, FL.
                    5.Quilly Strickland.b.29 Feb 1916, Climax, Ga
                       d.24 Aug 2000 at Bonita Springs, FL buried Naples Mem. Gardens
                    6 Norwood W."Donnie" Strickland,Jr.b Feb 22,1921 Bainbridge,Ga
                       d.Aug.31,1956 Naples, Collier County, FL.
                       b.Naples Memorial Gardens, Naples, FL.
                       Married: Ruby Lee (Addison) Jones in Decatur County, Ga.
                       Ruby was b.Jan 8,1929 in Florida
                       Children of Norwood Donnie Strickland and Ruby:
                               1 Donnie Lee Strickland,
                                  b.Aug.18,1952 Fort Myers, Lee county, FL.
                                  d.May 22,2007 Moore Haven Glades County, FL
                                2.Stepdaughter  - Living
            7.Sallie Strickland,b.Feb.25,1885 Ga.- d. Oct.13,1967
               buried Beulah Thomas Cem. Decatur, Ga.
               Married : Frank Strickland on July,3,1909 Decatur County, Ga.
               Frank was b.Feb.7,1883 - d.April 14,1928
               buried Beulah Thomas Cem, Decatur, Ga.
               Frank was the son of Reuben Strickland and Mary Oats.
               Census Records: 1910 Attapulgas,Decatur County, Ga.
               1920 Climax, Decatur, Ga. - 1930 Climax, Decatur, Ga.
               Children of Frank Strickland and Sallie Strickland:
                     1.Ollie Strickland,b.abt.1909/1911 Ga.
                     2.Carl Strickland, b.abt 1913 Ga.
                     3.Millie Strickland, b.abt.1915 Ga.
                     4.Lucille Strickland,b.abt.1918 Ga.
                     5.Delia Strickland,b.abt.1921 Ga.
                     6.Dorothy Strickland,b.abt.1923 Ga.
                     7.Francis Strickland, b.abt.1924 Ga.
            8.Thomas Strickland,b.March 29,1887 Ga.- d.Aug.12,1915
               buried Beulah Thomas Cem. Decatur, Ga.
               Married Gussie Wilder on Aug.17,1909 in Decatur County, Ga.
            9.Alexander "Alex" Strickland,b.June 21,1890 Ga.
               d.March 26,1974 Climax, Decatur County, Ga.
               Married: Gussie (Wilder) Strickland on Sept.25,1917 Decatur, Ga.
               widow of brother Thomas Strickland
               Census Records: 1920 Climax, Decatur County, Ga.
               1930 Climax, DEcatur County, Ga.
.              Children of Alexander Strickland and Gussie:
                    1.Clifton Strickland,b.abt.1919/20 - 1920 census lists age 1 6/12
                    2.Myrtle Strickland,b.abt.1922 Decatur, Ga.
                    3.Virgil K. Strickland,b.abt.1924 Ga. - d.2007 Ga.
                       married: Myrtle Duann Gardner,b.1926 - d.2007 Bainbridge